A complete guide to start home based tutoring business


A complete guide to start home based tutoring business

For many of us, when we were a child, being a teacher or playing “school” was probably a common game and pastime. At least once, we wanted to become a teacher. If you still have that passion for teaching even after growing up, then you can start up a home based tutoring business with proper planning and marketing strategies.

Here are some useful tips for starting up a home based tutoring business –

Planning your business:-

  1. Listing the subjects offered is going to be of great help: This is the very first step for starting your private tutoring business. You have to select the subjects very carefully that you will teach and while selecting the subjects you must keep in mind that you should be knowledgeable enough in those subjects.  If you aren’t top notch, it’s going to show and you’ll not have success.  For example, if your background is accounting, cover all the possible areas within that subject area.  If you scored well on the NCLEX and know how to help nurses ace the exam, then you are the perfect when someone is wants to find a tutor for the NCLEX exam.
  2. Focus on your targeted students: In addition to determining your subjects, you also need to determine what age group to focus on. Determine the grade levels or classes that you are planning to tutor. Your personality, experience and subjects will all help to determine what age groups are best for you to teach. The more specialized you will make your tutoring business; the easier it will be to determine and focus on your clients.
  3. Create a space for your tutoring work:  Finding the right place or places to teach is critical.  A certain area or room of your house that is setup specifically for tutoring works well.  You may also set up tutoring sessions in various public places such as libraries and local coffee shops – both of these can be productive depending upon the topic. In addition, you can even go for online teaching services.
  4. Make a time schedule: You have to decide which days of the week and which hours of those days you want to offer tutoring services. Maintain a tutoring schedule, which will outline the availability of each of your tutors, including yourself and various appointments will be set according to this schedule. You have to keep this schedule updated regularly.  Please note that many tutors are needed to work evenings and weekends.
  5. Write out a business plan: While creating a business plan, do remember to include a promotional plan as well. You should be prepared to bring in new students, but keep in mind retention is equally important.
  6. Arrange tutoring materials: Before starting the business, you must make arrangements for having the most commonly used books and materials used in the subjects that you are covering.  Checking with local schools, universities and parents is a fast, easy way to get that information.
  7. Determine what licenses or permits are required: You must contact your local government offices to check out whether you any need special permits to offer tutoring services in your locality. In some cases, even for a home-based venture, some jurisdictions demand legal licensing.
  8. Consult an insurance agent: Before starting this business, try talking to an insurance agent to see if there is any specialized insurance is needed. In that case, you have to purchase public liability insurance to protect your venture from any kind of potential litigation. One phone call will make sure that there is coverage that will protect your business and your tutors.

8.Develop policies and procedures: You must develop policies and procedures for your business, which must include various payment terms, rescheduling, cancellation policies, working with a tutors, pre-evaluation and post evaluation.  Make sure that these are clear and available to eliminate any potential issues.

Marketing your business:-

You need to find clients for your new business: For marketing your business you can post fliers in places where students and their parents are likely to visit frequently. You can try placing advertisements in different papers.  Online options for promotion are also readily available and mentioned below.

Getting online matters:  It is very important to advertise your business on internet. You can hire a graphic designer to create an attractive logo, a website brochure and business card template, and that will help you to promote your tutoring business. Your brochure and website should provide all the necessary and attractive information regarding your business.

Target your locality: You have to advertise your business in your area so that students find it easy to contact you when they search online for accounting, English or math tutors, or need an NCLEX tutor from Private Tutoring at Home.com or a local tutor.  Online and offline promotions are critical and need to be done on a regular basis.

Starting a business can be a difficult task. However, creating a plan and following through will help you reach your goals faster.  And if you do create your tutoring business, you can remember those days long ago when you used to play “school”.


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