Action! The Things You Can Do Now To Reduce Carbon Footprint


When it comes to the world, it’s easy to blame others for its demise. You aren’t doing this, and you’re not doing that is a lot more straightforward than looking inwards. The truth is, however, that you can’t change the world all at once because it takes time and patience. What you can do is change your lifestyle to help the environment. At least by doing this, you’re safe in the knowledge that the planet is a little less polluted. With that in mind, here are the basics of reducing your carbon footprint. After all, the trick is to start small and then move onto the next step.  

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Carpool Karaoke

One of the biggest contributors to CO2 levels is a car. Vehicles burn fossil fuels as if they grow on trees (they don’t), and there are more of them now than ever. Sure, it’s easy to see why people prefer to drive – it’s quicker and easier than any other form of transport. But, by leaving the keys at home and carpooling, you are directly taking more vehicles off the road. As long as you fill up the seats, that is four fewer cars every Monday to Friday, and that’s a big deal. The karaoke part doesn’t make a difference to the environment, but it’s always nice to have a good time while saving the planet.

Plant A Tree

Planting a tree or plants and flowers has two key advantages. The first is the process of photosynthesis. Simply put, the procedure plants use to respire sucks carbon dioxide out of the air, so the levels of CO2 will decrease. More importantly, plants replace the carbon they absorb with another substance – oxygen. It is logical to assume that the more plants and trees there are in the world, then, the better the quality of air. Trees are the obvious best choice because of their sheer size and overall output.

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Go Solar

There are plenty of ways to get off the grid, but a SolarCity pros and cons review is an indicator solar is the best. Why? It’s because the sun is constant so there is no need to burn non-renewable energy sources. Also, solar power is the most powerful renewable energy process out of the big three. Then, there is the fact that the process doesn’t do much harm to the environment, not to mention it’s widely available to everyone. To be fair, any of the main alternatives are fine as long as you are off the grid.

Turn Down Appliances

Some things are vital to everyday life, like household appliances. To throw them away would be counterproductive because it isn’t conducive to modern day life. Still, that doesn’t mean they have to operate at full capacity and burn as much energy as possible. Keeping them going is fine, but there is nothing wrong with turning them down a notch. Or, replace the worst ones with eco-friendly alternatives for the best results.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to reduce your footprint and help save the world.

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