Bring Your Home Into the Future!


There was a time where people thought we’d be living like The Jetsons by the year 2000. Well, seventeen years later, life isn’t much like The Jetsons at all. Still, there are loads of options when it comes to amazing home technology that can make you feel a few steps closer to the future the previous generations thought we’d be living by now!

Of course, there’s a difference between genuinely practical technology and stuff that seems to exist only to seem advanced and futuristic but without any of the real usefulness that technology is supposed to provide. So it’s always best to keep that in mind whenever you’re shopping around for tech that will help bring your home into the future!

We’re going to focus on three key areas: entertainment, green living, and security. It’s in these areas that so many cool technological leaps have been made!


The better the entertainment system inside your home, the more likely it is you’ll save money in the long run. After all, you won’t have to leave the house so much to indulge the side of you that needs to see movies in as high a definition as possible; you, your friends, and your family can enjoy more things at home!


When people think about amazing home entertainment technology, they usually think about really big televisions. Some of the deals you can get for televisions in the 40-inch range can be pretty amazing, so that’s where you should be looking if you want a new television. If you go above the 50-inch range, you’ll probably find that the price leaps are a little too much to justify the benefits. As the the definition, 4K TVs (or ultra-HD) provide a boost in quality that’s event stronger than the difference between VHS and Blu-Ray. Regular HD might still be the best way to go for now, because 4K is still incredibly expensive.

Green living

Not a lot of people would connect green living to the increase in the availability of advanced home technology. It seems that most would actually say that increasing the use of tech in your home would have a negative effect. Any use of energy can be detrimental to the environment, right? Well, things aren’t quite that simple any more. Solar panels are an example of incredible technology that can help your energy use be much more green and responsible. Businesses like the Sandbar Solar panel company specialize in helping people install solar panels for their homes. A lot of people think that solar panel installation is just for big businesses, but this is no longer the case.


Are there any other technologies that can assist in green living? Well, getting updated versions of your current home tech is usually a good move, simply because newer technology is, by and large, designed to be much more efficient. Replacing your HVAC system with an Energy Star HVAC system, for example, will see much more efficiency in heating and cooling, which can be massive energy hogs in the average home. ‘Smart’ power strips are also available; these things cost a fair amount more than your average power strip, but they can help reduce a lot of energy waste by reducing the effect of ‘energy vampires’ – devices that are plugged in but are turned off or fully charged.



What could be more comforting that a new and futuristic security system? It could be argued that the most futuristic home tech advances in recent decades have been made in the ‘security’ category. It seems to be what most consumers demanded! Some of the security advances tend to be in most homes in some form. For example, more advanced Internet security is in popular demand, and is definitely recommended for anyone who spends a lot of time at home online. When you consider what cybercriminals can get their hands on in terms of data from a home Internet connection, it becomes quite clear that proper Internet security is essential!

Of course, you can get home security technology that has much more of a ‘wow’ factor. Sure, there are advances in CCTV, but what about smart locks? These things only let someone through if they’re authorized to do so, using fingerprints to judge. While that feature may see superfluous – isn’t a key a form of authorization, after all? – there are other features that impress, such as the ability to use your smartphone to ensure the door is still locked. You can also open it remotely in case someone needs to get it! They can also track who goes in and out, and at what time.

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