Fancy A New Pet? Try These Options!


It was the author Gerald Durrell who said that ‘A house is not a home until it has a dog.’ We’d argue his mainly true – but replace dog with a pet. A house is not a home until it’s got a pet! What do pets do for us though? Well – they are very important in the development of a child. Pets give them love and attention and are an excellent friend when growing up. Pets relieve stress as well – so when you’re down and out, cuddle up to a pet and give them a good stroke. They help bring our families closer together; they are also a big part of the family as well – bringing a pet, or a new pet into the home might be the best choice you will ever make! You have to ensure you’re ready for the responsibility though, because a pet needs you as much as you need it.

Now, you could go for the obvious route and grab a furry feline or a happy chappy dog for the home – that’s ok! These are the popular options. However, today – we’d like to do our part and bring you around to some alternatives pets that you might want to consider. Variety is the spice of life, after all!

One of the pets we’d like to focus on first is the chicken. Yes, you can keep chickens as a pet, and they are rewarding! However, it is hard work. Generally, you’ll need to get the chickens when they are quite young, so they can adjust to their surroundings and feel naturally at ease in the home and the garden – for this you’ll need to get your hands on one of the best chicken incubators to ensure they grow healthily and then hatch well. You’ll also need to keep them safe from predators and ensure they have plenty of room and are well-fed.


A bit different than the chicken is the cuddly rabbit. Rabbits are unique little things and have a lot of personalities. They are extremely cute as well! Rabbits are very similar to chickens in a number of ways – they need plenty of care and food and space – but you also need to keep them safe from predators. Rabbits are low on the food chain as well. Outdoors space is needed as rabbits digest and excrete mess quite quickly, you see. A good hutch can be found – but make sure you aren’t allergic – many people are allergic to rabbits!


If you’re not into high-maintenance, then having a pet isn’t for you. But, if you want something more laid back, what about fish? All the work is in the groundwork and planning and making sure the environment is right for them. They’ll need the right tank and the right food and water. After that, you’ll just need to feed them and ensure the water is clean and at the right temperature for the fish occupying the tank.



It’s easy to bring a pet into the home, but it’s a tough responsibility – make sure you’re up to it!

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