Here’s Why You Can’t Sleep At Night


Sleep is an extremely important part of human health. That can’t be said enough. In this age of productivity where we feel we need to work overly hard to succeed, it can be hard to get the rest we need. In some job roles, we might leap out of bed to complete work to be a super productive member of society. Now, there’s nothing wrong with trying to be the best worker possible and being as productive as you can be, but you must be able to sleep. Nothing can come at the cost of sleep, and while you might feel that filling yourself up on caffeine in lieu of sleep – or powering through a day on 4 hours of sleep is good enough – it really is not. It’s nowhere near good, and you might be giving your health a good kicking. Sleep is needed – and a good sleep at that.

However sleep isn’t easy to achieve – not often. There are plenty of things that can disrupt our sleeping patterns. If you cannot sleep at night, there might be a number of root causes that are leading to this. If you’re tossing and turning at night, there are reasons why. If you are finding yourself waking up throughout the night, there will be a cause. Sleeping issues are not problems without a cause.


Keep in mind that you’re not unique in your sleeping issues. Sleeping problems and issues affect millions upon millions of  people across the world. They are well documented so you have a lot going for you in this area – you can do your research and find out about why you can’t sleep. Having a bit of knowledge and realizing that you aren’t alone might give you a bit of peace of mind – something that can help you sleep.

One of the main reason why you might be having difficulty sleeping is because of comfort. A lumpy mattress might be a specific concern as you need a flat firm base to support you while you sleep. A bad mattress has a lot of negative effects; firstly it will stop you from sleeping, secondly it will wake you up throughout the night – but it can also ensure you wake up feeling stiff, sore and rough. What’s the point of sleeping on a bad mattress? If this is you – you need to consider purchasing and using a new mattress as soon as possible. It’s not just about stumping up the fee though; you need to test a bunch of different mattresses out to see what is comfortable. Do you want a softer mattress that you can sink into, or do you want a firm mattress that holds you up throughout the night and offers a firm platform for sleep. If you have back pain, you can also find a specific mattress for your needs. Find out what you want and need from a mattress and invest in one to improve your sleep.

It isn’t just about the mattress though – the mattress is key, don’t get us wrong – but a selection of clean sheets and linens are needed to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the night. Pillows are needed for support and for a place to rest your head, but you also need sheets like the California King Sheets – and to change these sheets often to ensure comfort in the bedroom and to get a good night of sleep. Apart from these, it’s the duvet which is most important. A duvet helps keep us warm and snug – but we can’t just have one. We do need to keep duvets of various thicknesses to ensure that we are comfortable whatever the weather is like outside. A thinner sheet is useful in the summer, but you will need a thicker sheet in the winter to keep you warm from the cold. Variety helps here. If the weather is really hot, you might need to open the windows and employ the use of a fan to ensure cold airflow in your hot room.

Your bed might already be a pad of comfort already, yet you still might find 40 winks eluding you. A good night’s sleep isn’t guaranteed by comfort, unfortunately, you need to ensure that your bedroom is a good environment for sleeping. That means regulating the temperature if it’s too hot or cold by using a fan or a heater to ensure you are at the best temperature for sleep. Things in your bedroom that can disrupt sleep include noise and light. You might not be able to stop noise – if you have a loud fridge or an air conditioner for example – but you can certainly cope. Things like ear plugs, or even relaxing white noise or rain playlists can help people sleep. Find out what works for you in your efforts to block out environmental noise, because you cannot enjoy uninterrupted sleep if it’s too loud.




Light is another enemy to sleep entirely. We can control the light in our houses with a simple flick of a switch, and that’s all well and good, but what about external light? Other homes and street lamps can leak light pollution into your homes. In that case, you’re going to need to use curtains or blinds to ensure that you aren’t awoken by external light. If you’re in the city, this is incredibly important as the amount of light leaking into your building can lead to insomnia. That’s what we want to avoid here! Defeat light by blocking it out.



Blue night is another cause of sleepless nights. What’s blue light? Well – it’s the unnatural glaring light created by computer monitors, mobile phone screens and television sets. Blue light cannot be absorbed healthily by our eyes and that can lead to damage, but it can also stop us sleeping. Lower the use of mobile phones and gadgets before bedroom to give your eyes a rest before sleep and try not to use mobile phones in bed, it might be what is causing your sleeping issues. You can also install plenty of blue light filters on modern mobile phones to make the screen yellow instead of blue so that you are not straining your eyes if you’re working late.

Working late keeps us up as well. We have to learn when to stop and set out a specific bedtime. Work is a source of anxiety and stress, and that won’t help you sleep. Even worrying about sleep when you are trying to sleep is something that can keep you up all night long. If your mind is full of thoughts of all sorts, you aren’t going to be able to sleep. You might need to meditate, or just stop thinking – because thinking is not how you are going to achieve a peaceful night of rest. Worry can keep us up, if we’re upset or anxious we are going to be up all night. We need to learn how to cope with stress, anxiety and worry to ensure we can sleep well and healthily.

To combat stress, try to perform relaxing activities before bedtime that can help you get a bit of rest before you lay your head down. We need to combat stress in every avenue to get more from our sleep. Stress is the natural enemy of sleep, and it is almost certain that we will not be able to rest at all if we are stressing out. Find the time to settle down and don’t get into bed all flustered up and worked out.

One thing that will really assist your sleeping habits is a routine. If you cannot sleep at all, it might be because your body clock is messed up because you have no routine. Sleeping routines are needed in life. If we go to bed at different times regularly, we can find it very hard to get to sleep as our body isn’t getting used to our actions. Our bodies are things of habit, so make your bedtime a habit to get some good rest. Try and set a time for bed and aim to stick to it so your body can adjust to it. This will ensure that your body shuts down at regular times throughout the day.

The amount of sleep you get is also important. If you wake up late in the day, you’ll go to bed later in the night. We need about seven hours of sleep, if not a little bit more. Too much is bad though as it can send us into a bit of a coma state where waking up is a bit stressful. Too little can leave us without sleep. You might have sleeping issues because you are not getting enough sleep in the first place!

All sorts of things can affect our sleep. Medications, routines, habits, worries – but it is important that we do our best to put sleep first. It’s incredibly important and allows our brain to prepare for the next day ahead. Make it a bright one with the right amount of sleep.


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