Living Woof: A Guide To An Outside Dog


Pet owners are protective, so keeping a dog inside is now the norm. But, it is worth remembering that a pooch is well capable of living outside. The idea might not be a nice one, yet there are times when it is necessary. Let’s face it – no one wants it weeing and ripping up the house while you’re at work. If leaving it outside for a length of time is appealing, there are a few things you should know first. After all, the dog’s welfare should never be in jeopardy regardless of where it lays its head.

Cover It From The Elements

Now that it’s summertime, the idea of wind and rain being a problem doesn’t seem very likely. But, the weather is volatile and can change at a moment’s notice. When it does, the dog should have a place where it can stay warm and dry. Otherwise, it will have to sit it out until someone comes to its rescue. A kennel is an obvious solution because it provides sufficient cover.


Put Out Food And Water

Dogs are like humans in the sense that they need to eat and drink throughout the day. On an average day, it will need at least two to three square meals and a couple of bowls of water. As the owner, it is your job to ensure that it has enough to go around until you come back from work. The key is to ration the portions around your day. Anyone that is going to be out for the duration should err on the side of too much just in case. The people that come back at midday can put out just enough to see them to lunch.

Secure The Area

Firstly, no one wants their dog to go missing because it’s a traumatic time for everyone. Secondly, you also don’t want a neighbor’s mutt to get into the yard and start a fight. Simply put, the dog has to be safe when it is outside or else it isn’t worth the risk. With that in mind, scour the yard and the garden for any weak spots. All gaps and holes in the fences need fixing as soon as possible, as do low walls. It isn’t uncommon for an industrious dog to scale a small barrier and go on an adventure.


Time It

Pooches aren’t solitary creatures, so they need company. If you only have the one pet, there isn’t going to be much to relieve the boredom. As such, it is essential that you don’t leave it alone for too long according to The longer it is out there, the more it will mess with its head. Try and pop in whenever possible throughout the day, and get home as soon as possible at the end of the day.

If it is outside for longer than a few hours, it isn’t nice to the dog.

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