Take the Wheel to Ease Worries About Your Young Driver


It’s pretty exciting when your child starts driving, getting their license and then their first car. It’s also pretty frightening. Letting them loose on the roads probably isn’t something you’re feeling too enthusiastic about. You might not have to be their taxi anymore, but even if they’re a good driver, there are always others on the road to worry about. You probably have concerns about their safety, as well as other issues, like the expense of owning a car. Parenting worries don’t ever really stop, but at least you can ease your mind with some of them.

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Driving Costs

The cost of owning a car can be tough to handle. Sometimes you might struggle to pay for your car, so adding another one to your household might not be top of your priorities. Learning to drive, buying a car and insuring and running it all cost money. If you child wants their own car, asking them to pay for it with their money is a sensible thing to do. By working and paying for their own car, they can appreciate the effort it takes to run a vehicle. You might choose to help out if you’re feeling generous.

Getting the Right Car

If you are going to buy your child a car, or help them buy one, getting the right one is important. For you, safety and cost are likely to be at the top of your mind, even if your child is thinking about speed and appearance. However, most new drivers are happy to have any car and appreciate the freedom it gives them. If you’re going for safety, an SUV might seem like a good idea, but they actually have higher accident rates in comparison to sedans. While an older car might be cheaper, newer ones have more up-to-date safety features.

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Their First Accident

Most people have at least a little accident during their time as a driver, even if it’s not their fault. New drivers need to be especially careful because they haven’t had a lot of experience on the road. While some might start off being cautious, more than half of new drivers have an accident within the first two years of getting their license. If and when they have their first accident, you might find they end up having to deal with their insurance provider and a car accident attorney. It’s important for them to navigate the situation and learn from it, but they don’t necessarily have to do it alone. Even if they’re an adult, some help and support from you can be useful.

Further Driver’s Education

If safety on the road is a top priority for you, consider encouraging your child to continue their driver’s education after they get their license. They might legally be allowed to drive, but they still have limited experience on the road. Consider looking for an advanced driving course to help them develop their skills further and become more confident. It could help to reduce their risk of having an accident.

Before you let your teenager loose on the roads, make sure they’re fully prepared – and that you’re prepared too.

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