The Cooking Techniques To Try When You Want To Spice Up Your Cooking

When it comes to cooking, you can often find yourself sticking to the same old recipes time and time again. But, what’s the fun in that? Even if some of your tried and tested recipes are old favorites, you might find that they’re starting to feel a little overdone. When that’s the case, you could do with spicing up a few of your recipes with new cooking techniques. They don’t have to be big or clever, in fact, you can use a lot of the classics. But, to make sure that you get a bit of variation in your food, here are a few cooking techniques to try out this week.

Slow Cooking

First up, we have everyone’s favorite. Slow cooking food with your crock pot or in the oven not only gives your food an incredible texture and flavor, but it’s super easy to do. If you’re really busy in the week, you can pop all of your ingredients in first, leave them to cook throughout the day and serve up in the evening. You’ll often find your food is super tender when cooked this way. You can also make big batches and freeze some for later with this option too.


For times when you want your food not only to be super tender and delicious, but flavorsome too, you’ve got to smoke it. But, before you think this is going to be a super tedious process, this review of the Bradley Electric Smoker – 4 Rack Digital Smoker will prove otherwise. Not only is it easy to do, but your food can often give off the most amazing sensation too.


We tend to save this technique for special occasions, but there’s really no need. When you want your food to really wow and have a homely feel, you’re going to want to roast it. You can often feel as if roasting takes a long time, but it can often be only an hour or two to get your meat or vegetables cooked in style. If you want to create a gorgeous spread with all of the trimmings, try roasting some meat and all of the side this week.


Looking for a quick and easy cooking technique that can mean all of your food is crisp and clean? Then, you’re going to want to grill. It’s not everyone’s favorite cooking technique as the kitchen can get quite steamy, but for times when you want super tender meat that’s crisped up on the outside, you’re going to want to grill it.


And then, the best is saved until last. When you want to create incredible flavorful, simple and fragrant meals, try the one pot method. It can often seem a little strange to throw all of your pasta ingredients into one pot, or all of your meat, potatoes, and vegetables into one roasting dish, but doing so will not only intensify all of the flavors you’ve got, but making your meal prep so much easier.


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