The finest architectural features at home


The finest architectural features at home

It can be hard to identify which features are the most appealing, but there are some classic architectural elements that are a hit no matter the style of your home.

Antique wooden doors, modern glass stair cases, and a fieldstone fireplace are all features that can add decor flair to any home. What are some of the more popular architectural elements that people love?

The Staircase

No matter where the stairs are located in your house, they offer up a spot where you can add more architectural interest. The railing and balustrade is a perfect place for artistic creativity, whether you have a sweep staircase that is central to a room or a more functional one that is tucked away at the end of the hall.

The Windows

It’s easy to get distracted by the views when you start looking out the windows, so you may not consider them to be a feature themselves.

And additional accents around the windows are all part of the picture too. Decorative shutters or awnings on the outside, and sills or molding on the inside will make an eye-catching feature. Stained glass accents can bring color and a historical feel to your windows, even if you are opting for modern high-efficiency glass. Even just simple mullions can make plain windows more interesting.

Molding and Trim

These subtle decorative edges tend to be forgotten even though their presence gives any room a regal flair. For a classic look, wide baseboards and prominent crown moldings are the key. But lovely carved wood can be used in any theme to bring some elegance. As we just mentioned, there is a place for trim around windows and doors as well.

One of the great things about molding is that it’s very easy to install on your own, and won’t require much of a renovation. You can replace molding your don’t like, or just add more of it to create the look you want.


Nothing creates a memorable focal point in a room like a fireplace. They easily fit into any rustic decor but can also be a fine addition to a more sleek or modern look as well. Natural stone, stylish tile, wrought iron or glass accents can all come together to make a one-of-a-kind fireplace.

Have no fixtures for a fireplace (like a chimney)? You can get creative and add in any number of alternatives besides the traditional wood-burning fireplace. More modern units are strictly decorative, or perhaps use natural gas instead. Even an electric fireplace can be a beautiful feature and still provide warmth without all the fuss of installation.


Some might say that lighting isn’t really architectural since the fixtures are not physically part of the house, but it’s close enough to warrant mention. The right light fixture can change the whole look of the room, from a vintage chandelier that is dripping with cut glass and a cluster of lights, to a minimalist modern spotlight that is meant to highlight other features in the room.

Like with molding, this is one of those features you can change and replace any time you wish with minimal effort. You don’t even need an electrician in most cases.

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