4 Tips To Garden Perfection


The time of the year has come where the schools are closed and the kids need somewhere to escape to away from the house. When you’re on a budget, planning every day of the summer vacation isn’t a possibility, but if you have a garden at the back of the house, you have a space for the children to escape to without it costing you anything. Over the colder months, a garden can be easily neglected, which means you have to get yourself as ready as possible to open the garden up to summer barbecues, teddy bear picnics and general games on the grass!

There is more to getting a garden ready than planting flowers and adding some colourful wind chimes. If you have neglected the back yard for some time, it’s going to take a lot of clearing to get it right and ready. Follow the tips we’ve put together for you below so your garden can be ready for the summer.

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Cleaning. Most of the time, you’d be forgiven for not cleaning the outside of a house or a garden seeing as it’s exposed to the elements at all times. However, there is nothing wrong with a good sweep and scrub of the yard. If your garden has a patio as well as an area of lawn, you’ll need to look at http://www.pressurewashervote.com/electric-pressure-washer-reviews/ and choose the best pressure washer to get right into the stones and clean them thoroughly.


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Lawn. Next, you’ll need to clear the low garden walls – if any – and get yourself to the local hardware store for fence paint and grass seed! Redoing the grass in the garden so it is bright and healthy for the summer is a given. You need to add sprinklers to keep it healthy throughout the summer months but be aware of any water bans that could happen in your area. Your lawn should be clear of rubble and green, not browned and dead.

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Fences. A garden fence can easily take a battering by the wind and rain, so replacing fence panels should be high on the list of chores for you this summer. You can choose to buy them in bulk like these, or you can replace them panel by panel. You should also get the kids involved in painting the fences in bright colours so that they can have a piece of the garden for their own creativity.

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Veggie Patch. If you want to get the garden truly ready for summer while curbing the boredom in the children, you should have a look at guides for starting a vegetable patch in the garden. You can get the family involved in getting it together and your garden can be a source of education as well as fun over the break.

Gardens are not often places that get much attention until the sun shines, but you can make your garden beautiful all year round with just a few tweaks.

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