How a Car Accident Endangers Your Career



When we think of car accidents we’ve walked away from, we understandably focus on the fact that we didn’t die. We also focus on the physical pain we suffered, but only as it directly affects our body. What else can a car accident affect?


We often don’t think about the effect an accident can have on our careers. A car accident can affect our finances in more ways than the cost of repairs. When we can’t work properly, we lose money. Be sure to drive safe and keep your car insurance up to date, because there are huge risks to your career out there.


Physical injury


Physical injury can leave you with long hospital stays or unable to leave the house for long periods of time. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to do some of your work from home. But with physical injury comes pain, which comes with loss of concentration. If you’re taking painkillers to deal with that pain, then you may end up working under the influence!



Whiplash is a common injury in car accidents. Many people see it as quite mild. Those people have probably never had actual whiplash! It’s nowhere near as minor as we are often led to believe. It’s a neck injury that affects both the muscles and the bones in the spine. It can leave you out of work for weeks and during that time you could be losing business. It can even lead to long-term chronic pain or joint dysfunction.




This is something people talk about the least when it comes to car accidents. The fact is that car accidents take their toll on you mentally, too.


Drivers often feel that they lose confidence behind the wheel. There’s also a chance of them becoming angry or depressed afterwards. The low chances of car accidents actually occurring can cause this. If it happens to someone, they’ll believe they’re very unlucky. It can cause them to be scared to venture out of the house. It can also lead to nightmares, which affects sleep, thus affecting productivity.


Effects like these, if they do happen, are usually temporary. But they can also go undiagnosed for a long time. Some people may not even realise the car accident triggered the symptoms. Psychological issues as a result of car accidents may be something with which you can get assistance from a car accident lawyer. The mental trauma of car accidents are even acknowledged by some insurance companies, who may cover this outcome.



Loss of property


Let’s say a car accident results in your car being totaled. Your insurance won’t cover it; it’s a write-off. What now? If you relied on your car to get to work, then you’re stuck. If the car was a company car, this can also affect your reputation at work. In this scenario, it would be useful to have evidence that the car accident wasn’t your fault.

And what if you kept business items in the car with you? A lot of people have laptops or mobiles or other tools that help them do their job. If those things are damaged, then that also leaves you unable to perform certain tasks. A mechanic with broken tools, for example, will need to get replacements. In that time they could be losing clients.

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