How to eat like a real foodie?


How to eat like a real foodie?

Who says fine dining has to take a toll on your monthly finances? Food lovers are always confused between eating more for less and eating at the best places for more. We agree, if you book a table at a Michelin star restaurant, you won’t likely be disappointed. However, where is the sense of adventure and discovery in that?

Very recently, food lovers from all over London united to list the top 5-foodie haunts of the city.

Padstow in Cornwall

Rick Stein has made Padstow quite a well-known name among all food lovers. He has several food ventures in town including our favourite Seafood Restaurant. From fresh crabs, mussels and oysters to simple seafood chowders, this restaurant can serve up a hearty meal for foodies of every variety. The prices may be a little steep, but the fresh flavours and the spices more than make up for it.

Bao, Windmill Street

This is London’s newest take on Momofuku’s Ssam Bar. It offers simple pleasures of the British life packed in scrumptious and quite hefty bao (buns). The fried malty Horlicks ice cream Bao is a must-have. It started as an in-house eatery. Right now, Bao finds a place in the world (food) map of every food enthusiast, chef and expert.

Alrusi, 161 Bellenden Road

Smoked ox heart and mushroom with chocolate ice cream sound like a foodgasm, and that is exactly what it delivers. You should not miss a chance at tasting their lamb belly with daikon, olives and tomatoes. This is one of those “south of the river” travels that more than makes up for windy ferry rides and a drizzly day. If you are a Campari-fiend, do not forget their innovative take on Negroni.

Brawn, 49 Columbia Road, Bethnal Green

Brawn is an East London right next to E5 Bakehouse. This is ideal for a casual yet understatedly romantic lunch in a rustic French setting. It offers freshly baked bread on each table from the bake shop next door. For the real British feel, try their Sunday lunch menu. Usually, a three-course menu includes fresh seasonal produce. Their regular menu has all organic and biodynamic products that offer high nutritional value. This is your place to be if you have been hitting the yoga studio or the gym lately.


This is bound to show up when you search for the best Indian restaurants near me. This post-colonial Bombay-inspired café is the home to signature dishes like keema pau and naan roll. The House Dal is a must-have here. Each batch takes over 24 hours to cook. The aromatic rice, special Biryani pots bring a new approach to rice sharing. Wash it down with their classic Bottomless Chai.

These are little bits of different countries that have found homes in London. Their culinary forms and ambiences are now a part of the city; you must explore to eat and live like a real Londoner.

Author Bio: Samantha Bullock is a food critic and food blogger. She has been working with for the last few months to find London’s hidden gems.


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