“I’m Not Into Fun Vacations,” Said No Kid Ever!


While many parents loathe the coming of the summer vacations, they really shouldn’t. As they are the perfect excuse to spend some quality time together as a family, having fun. Of course, kids can be a little difficult these days, what with their phones and tablets, meaning that getting them to do some of the summer activities you have in mind can be tough. However, below you will find a guide to the most fun and interesting to do in the summer. At least one of which should suit even the pickiest child or teenager.


Eating, who doesn’t love it? Especially when there is some delicious food to consume in a lovely location! That is why picnic is such a great idea. Of course, you are going have some kids that aren’t up for going out to park for a picnic because they are embarrassed. Well, that OK. There is nothing stopping you laying down a blanket in the garden and eating there.

Picnics also work well as a summer activity, because you can rope the kids into helping with the preparations as well. Most kids and teenagers love to cook, as it’s something that they don’t get to do very often. Also, they can help to set the menu so they can make it as easy or as advanced as they like.

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For the younger ones, making some sandwiches and a batch of cookies or cupcakes is usually enough. Whereas you can test your teenager’s cooking skills, and keep the out of mischief for a good few hours by asking them to bake a delicious quiche from scratch, or create some tasty sausage rolls. Perfect when eaten either hot or cold on a picnic.

Water fights

Something you can combine with a picnic, although it’s best to wait until the food has been cleared away is a water fight. Younger kids adore water fights with super soakers and water balloons, things that can be purchased cheaply online.

Some older kids will join in the merriment too, but it’s they think it’s tres uncool, what about getting them another watery activity to keep them amused? Something like an above ground pool or hot tub in the back garden can work well.

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Ok, I know this sounds a bit pricey, but actually, things like these aren’t as expensive as you may think. Especially not when there are inflatable models like the Portable Tubs HQ Intex Spa on offer, that the adults can use too! They are also easy to pack away after the summer is over. So then you don’t have to worry about cleaning it and keeping it covered all through the winter time.

Obviously, whenever water is involved, it’s vital that kids are supervised and briefed on the safety protocols. Yes, even the older ones!  As just because they feel grown up and sophisticated in a hot tub doesn’t mean that the will act that way.

Garden games

If a water fight is a bit much for your little ones, why not keep the spirit of this sort of activity without all the mess and run some games in the garden, tournament style.

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There is a wide design of things you can choose; from traditional activities such as soccer goal scoring, shooting baskets and baseball pitching, to things that are a little more unconventional such as the suggestion below.

The fish flap race. This is a fun, competitive game that you can make all of the material for yourself and will cost you practically nothing. First of all, you need to cut a fish a few shapes out of tissue paper. Then collect things that you can fan the fishes with. Paper plates work well. As do newspapers and magazines folded into a simple fan shape.


Then you line the kids up, all with a paper fish in front of them. The winner is the first one to get their fish to the finish line. Of course, much hilarity ensues between the time that they go and finish. So it’s a perfect activity for some silly summer fun.

City visits

Obviously, the summer is a good time in which to get the kids familiar with the nearest city. The good thing about the city is that there are so many cool activities to do for lots of different age ranges. That means the little one will be happy with a visit to the zoo, the parks, or play area. While the older kids might benefit from attending the festivals, performances, or creative arts workshops.

Of course, there are lots of opportunities to spend some quality family time together as well. Such as taking a class to learn a new skill, or even just going out for dinner at a restaurant.

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Camping sleepovers

Sometimes a fab thing to do in the summer vacation, when the weather is nice, is to camp out in the backyard.


For the younger kids, this gives a great chance to experience what it is like sleeping out of doors, complete with s’mores, a campfire, and a scary story or two.

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For the older kids, it can be a great way to host a sleepover, as it gives them a bit of privacy away from the main house. So their giggling and singing don’t end up keeping you awake all night. Just don’t forget to send them off with a pack of snacks and sodas to keep them going through the night.

Garden camping is also great on the safety factor too. As you know where they are at all times, and if there is an emergency you are on hand to help out.


Another interesting idea for the kid to get involved in during their summer vacation is pet ownership. In fact, there is no better time to bring a new pet into the family than the summer. This is because the kids will have extra time on their hands that they can use to bond and care for their pet. Getting them into good habits for the future.


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Now, getting a pet, whether it’s fish or dog is no small matter, and it is something that should be considered very carefully before hand. Some parents find it helpful to draw up a simple pet ownership contract to make things clear for their kids, in term of what responsibilities they have to keep up.

If you do have doubts as to whether you kids are ready for the fun and responsibility of a pet, then it may be a better idea to see if you can try out the situation first. That may mean an offer to dog sit for a friend while they go on vacation, or borrow a pet regularly through internet sites. Then So they have a better idea of what is involved before you take the plunge.

Take them to work day

Something, not every parent thinks of, but that can be an ace activity for the kids to get involved in the summer, is going to work with mum or dad for a day. Now this will only work under the proviso that it is organized well, and it’s not just because you have a shift and the babysitter didn’t turn up.

It needs to be OKed with your management, and you also need to think about the sort of experience and knowledge you would like the kids to gain from their experience. For instance, there may be aspects of your work that you most enjoy such as planning, meetings, or visits. Therefore plan to take your kids along with you to these as much as possible, and give them a true insight into what your role entails.

Theme parks

Of course, a tried and tested activity for the summer vacation is to take your kids to a theme park. This works well if you have older and younger kids together as there’s usually something of interest for each age group.

However, do remember that theme parks as notoriously busy in the school holidays especially at peak times. To get around this and have a more pleasurable visit, there are a few tricks you can employ.

First of all, download the park’s official app, as they often have a map with waiting times for each ride. Meaning you can go straight to the one with the smallest queue, fitting in more ride during your visit.


You can also get a B&B for the family the night before, meaning you can be at the gates as soon as the park opens. As this will enable you to get the most out of the day, as well as get on the big rides when they have relatively small queues. As there will be fewer people there at that early time.

So, whether you have a brood of toddlers or teenagers to please, or maybe even a mix of the two, the above suggestions should help them to be able to say: “That was the best summer ever!” at the end of their vacations. As well as leaving you all with happy memories that you can treasure forever.


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