Money Makers For Charitable Work Events


Every now and then, it’s a nice idea to try and raise some cash for charity at work. In fact, more and more companies are trying to encourage their employees to help host charitable events and take part in fundraising as it can help build up a really good reputation for the company.


So, what can you, as an employee, do for charity in the workplace? Here are some awesome ideas that are guaranteed money makers.



Have A Cake Sale


Cake sales are really easy to organise, and your whole office or team will be able to get involved. All you need to do is ask everyone to bake some cakes, biscuits, or cookies for a specific day. Then on the day of your sale, you just need to arrange all the sweet treats on a table or desk and start selling them to the rest of the office. Everyone will be tempted to a slice of cake, that’s for sure!


Hold A Raffle


You could also ask your colleagues to donate prizes for an office raffle. There are various things you could raffle off as well as donated prizes, such as a voucher to a nearby restaurant or a wine basket. You could buy your own wine basket, or you could create your own using the best ideas for your wine gift basket if you like. Once you have gathered all the prizes together, you need to start selling all your raffle tickets. If someone’s number gets called out during the raffle, they can choose a prize!


Organise A Tombola


Alternatively, you might want to hold a tombola rather than a raffle. You will still need to get people to donate prizes for this. And you’ll also need some raffle tickets too! That’s because each prize gets allocated a number and people buy raffle tickets. If they pick out a number that has been allocated to a prize, they win that prize!


Take Part In A Fundraising Event


If you don’t think your boss will be too happy about your hosting a cake sale, raffle, or tombola at work, you could always organise a fundraising event instead. There is a huge range of things you could plan to take part in. Some sporty people like to sign up for local marathons and fun runs to try and raise a bit of cash for charities. You might want to see if you can get a team to take part in a local run. If you do, you should stick up a sponsorship form in your office. If you fancy taking part in something that will get adrenalin pumping around your body, you might want to think about signing up for a bungee jump or skydive. These are also things that lots of people will be willing to sponsor you to do.

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do at work to raise a bit of extra money for charity. What do you fancy doing in your office?


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