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Researching is one of the most important aspects of preparing to purchase a vehicle.  The research continues as you move to purchase your vehicle and are looking for non-biased information that the owner’s manual just will not provide.  The automobile industry has a notoriously bad reputation for not being honest about the sale of the car and the repair.  Therefore, when it is time to perform that research, it is important to recognize what information is biased or not.  This is the reason that I frequently visit  It is much more than an automotive encyclopedia, but a living community of owners.

Researching on the internet is a great resource for finding out specifications on models.  You can locate almost any specification on each vehicle that was ever produced if you browse enough manufacturer sites on the internet.   As a result, finding an even comparison of one model against another is even if you are only looking on manufacturer specifications.

Finding out that one of the two evenly matched vehicles has a lag with its transmission shifting is something that will never be found on manufacturer’s sites.  Personal reviews from the actual owners of the vehicles gives you an honest estimate to how each vehicle performs.  This is just one of the features that lead me to recommend at any phase of ownership.

The expansive collection of vehicles in all one place makes it much faster to perform research during the purchasing phase.  Features including their all new for 2017 All American-Made Index that lists all the vehicles produced within America.  This includes all research, specifications, and reviews available on these models.   They provide both the owner’s own personal reactions to the vehicles and the site’s unique un-biased perspective on each vehicle.

While purchasing a vehicle is a huge aspect of research, ensuring that your vehicle is properly maintained and repaired is another.  Detailed information is listed on their website from service advice, to price estimators for each model and specific issue.  They also provide great maintenance instructional pages that provide you with not only how to do something, but if you should.  This section also delves into the realm of teaching if certain products are a marketing gimmick, or worth the extra money.  Reading this section has made me much more informed about how to properly maintain my vehicle.  This has saved me a lot of money in the long run.

In the final stage of automobile ownership seems to be the stage that most people know the least about.  What is a realistic expectation of how much you will get for your vehicle.  How should you properly list it or present it for a trade.   There is important information that I don’t think that most people know.  For example, did you know that it is important to have dealer inspection records and maintenance receipts that it can increase the amount of money you can get in a purchase?  This displays your vehicle in a light of being a more reliable automobile for the perspective customer.

All this information is what I have used in the past to build my knowledge of automobiles.  With this knowledge, it has made me a better owner.  It has also made myself much more confident when I do have to purchase a new vehicle or visit the garage for my current one.  This is why I felt it important to share my experience with my readers.

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