Summer DIY Projects To Liven Up Your Garden


When the day’s long and the weather warm, there’s no better time to spend hour after hour unwinding in our gardens. But what if our gardens a looking a little bit…lifeless in the bright lights of summer? You needn’t settle for less. All it takes is a pinch of creativity, a touch of skill, and a couple of bags of hard work, and in no time at all, you can have a garden that’s worthy of summer. Below, we’ve put together seven garden DIY projects you can get started on now.


Children’s Play Zones

The children will soon be enjoying their summer vacation from school, and there’ll be expecting to spend each day having fun in the sunshine. You can make their days extra fun by installing a homemade project in the garden. This could be a DIY swing set, seesaw, or a treehouse if you’re feeling extra ambitious. Whatever you choose to make, your children will be able to spend the long summer days in the garden – which will also save you from figuring out how to keep them entertained every day.

For the Wildlife

Summer is when life is in full flow, and there’s no greater demonstration of the buzz of life than all the wildlife that we can see in our gardens. However, they won’t just arrive: there has to be a reason for them to turn up, and you can make sure they have one. Grab your woodwork tools – see if you don’t know what you need – and get to work on a birdhouse or bird feeder. If you live in an area that has bats, make a bat house. They can eat 1000 mosquitoes an hour: no more itchy marks for you!

Playing with Metal

Metalwork DIY projects are somewhat underrated. While most people feel pretty confident with wood, metal can be overlooked. But this is a mistake because there’s so much potential if you have the basic metalwork skills, especially for your garden. You’ll need a welder, so take a look at the pros and cons of the millermatic 140: it might be the right one for you if you don’t have much welding experience. With your welder, you’ll be able to make an outdoor bench, a pergola, or even a fire pit. Perfect for making your garden look extra inviting and cozy!


Nothing transforms a garden quite like decking. It’s a big job to do by yourself, but not an altogether difficult one, though you might have to rope in the help of some professionals for the extra difficult parts of construction. There’s great flexibility in building your own decking too. For example, what material you want to use: bricks, or wood? And what shape will it take? It doesn’t take too long to do, either – you could have it completed in a weekend if you have help.

Vegetable Patch

If you’re looking to add a DIY project to your garden that will be more of a ‘hands-on’ project moving forward, take a look at adding a vegetable patch. The actual construction part of the vegetable patch will take no time at all: it’s a simple carpentry job. After that, it’s about adding any decoration thrills to the patch and then getting to work with planting your vegetables.

A Relaxing Zone

Your garden can be your own private oasis, and it’s easier to do than you’d think. All you need is pillows, plants, and a gazebo of some sort. Carve out space in your garden that’s relatively tucked away and isolated – nothing disturbs an oasis like noise – and get to work. If you have pillows, start sewing them all together. In no time you’ll have an extra comfortable “bed”. Then law the groundwork – wood is recommended – and plant exotic plants around it. Lay down your Bali style relaxing bed, prop the support gazebo around, and get ready to sink into a summer of reading and relaxation.

Bringing the Fun

If you’ve done everything else on our list, then you’d already got a pretty amazing garden. But you can take up one further by adding the ultimate garden DIY project: an outdoor summer. Sound ambitious? Not so. If you have two trees close to one each other, all you need to do is use each tree to support one end of a large sheet. Grab your projector and sound system and hey presto, it’s movie night. If you don’t have trees, you can just as easily use poles to keep your screen up.


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