The Benefits of Dog Walking For You And Your Dog


Taking your dog for a walk is essential for its health, but it has many benefits for both you and your dog that could make it an important part of your day. Some people consider dog walking to be a chore, but after learning about it’s different benefits, you might feel differently. Read about the benefits of walking for you and your dog and learn something new.

It stops them (and you) from putting on weight

It’s recommended that you walk at least 10,000 steps a day. This is roughly 8km. Between work and home life it can be difficult to get those steps in, but taking your dog for a walk is one of the easiest ways to manage this without even realizing how much you’re walking. If that can be enough to keep you in shape (alongside a healthy diet, of course), think of what it is doing to your dog? For some dogs, a walk is the only exercise they’ll get, especially during the week, so it’s important to make it a nice long one.


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It makes you both happier

Fresh air and being outdoors can make you feel much more energized, and happier. The exercise of walking will boost endorphins that will elevate your mood, making dog walking good therapy if you’ve had a tough day. For your dog, a good walk will give them the chance to explore different sights and smells, and the stimulation will be sure to make them feel happier too, especially if they’ve been home alone all day. If you do tend to explore areas where ticks and other things that could cause harm are present, make sure you seek solutions for tick prevention for dogs, as these can cause a lot of unhappiness for you and your dog. This is also important if you tend to run into other dog owners who may not be so prepared with their tick and flea care. Finding the best dog nail clippers to keep your dogs nails clipped is important. 

It tires you both out

A hyperactive dog at the end of the day can be a nightmare for owners. Dogs that are left on their own all day will most likely spring into action when owners come home and want to play and run around, which is not great for you if you’re tired or have other things to do.  A nice long walk will wear you both out so instead of coming home to a dog that’s begging for attention, you can both relax on the sofa or in front of the fire and unwind after a long day. 

It will help them behave better

Dogs that are left alone all day, with little space to run around or a lack of toys could turn to chewing and other destructive behavior at home. Nobody wants to come home to a shredded couch or chewed up shoes. Making sure they get the exercise they need through regular walks will stop the destructive behavior, and if you can take them for a walk in the morning, they’ll be much calmer throughout the day too.

Exercise is really important for dogs, especially those that are smaller in stature and will need exercising more regularly. Stop your dog from becoming a blob by giving them the exercise they need every day. Not only will it make them healthier, but you’ll feel the benefits too.

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