The Best Ways To Expand Your Reading Horizons

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Being a bookworm can be extremely fun and fulfilling, and a great way to generally get away from it all. Still, there’s one inconvenient truth about it: you can’t read everything, especially with the busy lives so many of us lead these days! Bookish people are always looking for the novel that beats their current favorite. One of the best ways to do this is going out of your way to expand your horizons. Here are a few tips for doing this.

Make Friends with a Bookseller

Being well-read is more or less part of the job description for someone who works in a bookstore. Even if they’re the fussiest readers in the world and turn their noses up at a lot of their stock, they at least need to know about these titles to be good at their job. While a lot of these people are going to be raring to give you their favorite titles, if you make a point to befriend them, many will help you pick out the books they know you’ll like. Start frequenting a few different bookstores, and try to find a shopkeeper you click with – one who shares a few favorites with you, and knows how to expand your horizons in a way that you’ll be fairly receptive to. After a little trial and error, they’ll be your go-to book recommending machine!

Trade Books at Random

Trading books, without much of an idea of what you want to get back, is one of the best ways to discover new, engrossing titles. This is probably a big part of why so many moms are using Paperbackswap. The next time you finish a book, (unless of course it’s a beautiful hard back of your favorite) try and find another reader you can trade it with. Many libraries and book clubs run open book exchanges, where there’ll be a table of different titles, and you can take any one you want provided you leave something behind. Failing this, you can make a point of befriending fellow bookworms, and finding a go-to buddy you can trade books with. You never know what you’re going to get, and sometimes roulette’s the best way to find your next read.

Get Out of your Comfort Zone

We all have different tastes, and are naturally drawn towards different niches of literature. Still, if we never branch out at least a little, and explore different genres and sub-genres, then we can easily wind up missing out on novels and short stories that we’d absolutely adore! The next time you’re shopping around for a book, and don’t know exactly what you’re after, make a point to step out of your comfort zone. Obviously, you can take baby steps if you want, but often the biggest leaps give us the freshest perspectives on literature. Forget about what your friends will say, and try something different! If you always read romances, read a horror. If you always read sci-fi, read some historical fiction. If you tend towards the western canon, read the latest bestseller, no matter how cheap its premise seems. If you tend towards bestsellers… well, you’re probably not reading this post!


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