The Quick Guide To Decorating Your Living Room


When it comes to designing and redecorating your house, the living room is one of the most important areas to focus on. Of course, you want every single room in the house to be perfect but the living room is especially important because the whole family will be using it so much. It’s a place for you to relax after a hard day, the kids can use it for playing and studying, and you can host guests in there as well. A room that has so many different uses needs to be, not only well decorated but also versatile as well so the room is perfect for any eventuality. If you’re thinking about redoing your living room, follow these tips to make sure that you get it right.




Don’t Match Too Much


A good color scheme that works together can bring the whole room together well but you can end up going too far. If everything matches exactly then the room will start to look dated. It also makes it more difficult to change things around without completely ruining the look of the room. Go for things that accent one another but veer away from matching everything up completely. Instead of going for matching pillows, use mismatched ones instead. It will look much more interesting and inject a bit of character into the decor.


Color Palettes


If you stick to a color palette then you can’t go far wrong in terms of things clashing. When you’re trying to choose a color palette to go with, don’t go for anything too bright because it will become overbearing after a while and you’ll regret it. Try looking at patterned fabrics and see what color combinations they have used to help you get an idea of what works. Make sure that you don’t pick two colors that clash otherwise everything that you put in your living room will look terrible. Once you’ve got a solid color palette you don’t need to worry about whether things will fit with the rest of your furniture.  





Plants are a brilliant way to bring a bit of color into your room without having to commit to pieces of furniture or other ornaments. If you don’t like it then you can easily move it or get rid of it again. You don’t need to worry about budget either really because plants are so cheap to buy. They’re also good for your health because they increase oxygen levels in the home so it’s beneficial for the whole family if you have some plants in there.




Ideally, you want enough natural light coming into the room but that isn’t always possible. If you’re struggling then put some mirrors around to help make the most of the natural light that you are getting. When it comes to artificial lights people are always arguing about lamps versus overhead lighting. The best thing to do is have both. That way you can use overhead lighting when you need things a bit brighter and then if you want a more relaxing mood you can make use of the lamps. Being able to cultivate your own lighting is one of the easiest ways to make your living room multi-functional.


It’s also a good idea to modernize your home with LED light fittings as they are more energy efficient and far cheaper to run.  


Think About Everybody


When you’re working out a design for your living room, keep in mind that it won’t just be you that’s using it. Make decisions with the whole family in mind otherwise you won’t have a living room that works for everybody. If you’ve got young kids, be aware that they are going to have sticky fingers that will get everywhere. That means it’s not a good idea to put in a white linen sofa, it’ll just end up getting filthy. You should also consider getting some wipe clean paint for the walls to help you keep things clean. If you’ve got pets then put some careful thought into the kinds of fabric that you use in the room. Microfibre is a great material because pet hair doesn’t tend to stick to it that well but if you choose something in velvet, it will be attracted to it like a magnet and you’ll end up having a nightmare trying to keep things clean.


Anybody that has kids needs to make sure that the living room has enough room for them to play in, and when they get a bit older, somewhere that they can study. If the living room doesn’t accommodate their needs then they’ll end up spending all of their time upstairs in their bedroom and not downstairs with the family.




Like colors, you shouldn’t completely match all of the textures in your living room. It will end up being boring. A good mixture of different textures adds more depth to the room and makes it a far more interesting space. Combinations of wood and textile are always a winner so try a wooden coffee table with a soft sofa. In a living room you want as many different textures as possible, but elsewhere in the house, you should stick to using less.






The living room is going to be the focus of the house and you’ll be relaxing in there yourself as well as entertaining guests. That means you need to have a top of the line entertainment system in there. Find the best 50 inch tv that won’t bust your budget and hang it on the wall. It’ll be perfect for kicking back and watching a movie in your living room. Make sure you’ve got a good soundsystem in there as well so you can listen to music when you’re entertaining guests. That way your living room will be set up for parties as well as family time.




When you’re entertaining guests, you’ll need enough room for everybody to sit down. A common mistake that people tend to make is trying to use the sofa to accommodate all of their seating requirements. You’ll end up with a huge sofa that takes up all of the space in the room and it’ll be a pain if you want to move it to create more space. Try using a combination of stools and ottomans instead. You’ll have more unique pieces of furniture filling the living room and they can always be easily rearranged if needs be.




The smaller details that you create in your living room are what gives it its character so don’t neglect them. Trying to create a style with the bigger more permanent pieces is all good and well but you won’t be able to change it around as much. By using lots of smaller items, you can swap them out from time to time and keep the living room looking fresh. A good rug can really set the tone for the room and changing it around every now and again can breathe new life into it without having to completely redecorate. When you’re picking out a rug, don’t make the mistake of getting one that’s too small; all of the furniture should be touching it, that way it becomes a focal point for the room.


You should also fill the room with lots of personal items that tell people about who you are and where you’ve been. That will transform your new living room into something of your own rather than just another room. Small ornaments, books, and pictures are all great additions that make your space unique and interesting.    

When you’re deciding on how to redecorate your living room, stick to these rules and you can’t go wrong.

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