Amazing Solar System Saving Tips


Amazing Solar System Saving Tips


    If you recently installed solar panels purchased from a solar company, you are probably expecting wonders in terms of savings. And although it’s true that solar energy is the future, there are a lot of things you need to know about consumption and how you profit from having panels in your backyard.

    The fact that you have several solar panels doesn’t instantly make you bill free. Instead, you will still have to project your production and costs. Only then will you know how much you’re creating and how much you’re using.

    Here are some things you need to know in terms of solar systems and costs that go with.


Supply versus usage


As I mentioned, most panel owners do not realize the small but incredibly crucial thing.

There are two parts of every electricity bills. First one is usage which represent all the charges for electricity you use (or otherwise simply called consumption) while the second part is the supply charge.

Now, we tend to forget supply charge but it is definitely part of the overall cost we have to pay at the end of the month. This is how much you need to pay just to be on the grid.

Usage charges are different from state to state and from country to country. In some countries electricity can be rather expensive which is why people decide to go for panels in the first place. Also worth noting, in some countries there are several electricity providers which means you can alternate between them and find the one that is cheapest. This is an amazing way of saving energy.

Lastly, I wish to mention solar feed-in rates.

This is a rate you need to spend to send solar energy into a grid. Again, it is a cost that varies based on previously mentioned factors. Nevertheless, it is always cheaper than the usage bill you would otherwise have paid.


Knowing about your appliances


    Some appliances may be eating away your electricity without you ever realizing. On the other hand, there are some which are rather cheap. Best example – light bulb.

    Your costs can be significantly reduced by turning off light, appliances or simply switching your PC from charger.

    Have in mind that when you pay electricity regularly, there are certain countries that have daytime savings; in other words, periods of the day when electricity is cheaper. In terms of solar energy, things are a bit different. Best time to use your appliances is during midday when sun is the strongest and giving off most energy. Naturally, this mainly applies to products that can be used during anytime (boilers for example).

    Water should also be considered. It is another element that can cost you a lot.

    Unfortunately, most of us take showers in the evening when we get back from work or when we prepare to go out. This can be really expensive practice. In case you have solar hot water system this can be remedied and reduced.


How to measure your expenses?


    First thing that you need to know is what causes expenses and how high they are (as I just mentioned). When you do, you are able to put all these things on the paper and calculate them. Good thing is that there are some tools on the Internet that can help you with this. There are lots of calculators which can be used for this purpose some of which are free. So, there is no real need to calculate them by hand.

    Depending on solar energy can be tricky nowadays as most of us haven’t been born with this technology. However, in a while you will get accustomed to it, learn where you can save and how much it costs.   

    Always remember that you are mostly affected by the Sun and the time of the day when you’re using electricity. Sometimes Sun may be clouded so you won’t be able to rely on it.



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