Creating An Arts & Crafts Cupboard For Your Kids


The fact is that crafting can be a highly therapeutic activity, which is why it’s so good for children to do. Many schools now incorporate art therapy into their curriculums because numerous studies have shown how it can aid children’s learning capabilities and mental development, as well as the fact that it is a positive form expression. Encouraging kids to do lots of arts and crafts can be highly beneficial for their health and wellness, which is why more and more parents are making arts and crafts a big part of their children’s lives.


Are your kids arts and crafts mad? Do you love nothing more than spending your spare time together as a family crafting? If so, it could be time to create your children an arts and crafts cupboard that can be used to carefully store all of their art supplies. From their paper, pens, and paints, to their molding clay, glitter glue, and collage materials, you want to ensure that your children’s art and craft cupboard has the room to store all of your little one’s’ art supplies in a neat and organized way.


The fact is, the more arts and crafts you and your kids do together, the more bits and bobs you will end up with, which is why an arts and crafts cupboard is such a good idea. While you could simply keep your children’s craft supplies in boxes, the fact is that these boxes will most probably end up stacked on top of each other, making your craft supplies difficult to access. That’s why it’s best to opt to create an arts and crafts cupboard, as that way your children’s craft supplies should be easier to access.


Love the idea of a craft cupboard? Read on for all the best ideas, as well as hacks for keeping your craft cupboard organized and in good order. (For one reason or another, craft cupboards have a tendency to get into a mess quickly!)


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Choose a cupboard close to your kids’ art area (if they have one)


When it comes to selecting a cupboard to use for your children’s arts and crafts cupboard, pick a storage space that is close to where your children complete their art projects. Do they work at the kitchen table? If so, converting an unused area of your kitchen larder could be a good idea. Are your little ones lucky enough to have a playroom of their own? If so, an arts and crafts cupboard in here could be ideal. The fact is that for an arts and crafts cupboard to be an effective resource; it needs to be located near to where your children do their arts and crafts projects. A built-in cupboard can make a fantastic arts and crafts cupboard, but if you don’t have a spare built-in space, a normal wardrobe can be converted just as easily and as effectively.  


Shelving is vital


Talking of converting a wardrobe into an arts and crafts cupboard, the question is, how should you go about it? Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of stacking crates of craft supplies in your wardrobe, as this is a mistake. You want to organize your supplies in a way that makes them easy to access and browse through, that’s where shelving comes in. All of the best art and craft cupboards have shelves fitted in them where jars, drawers, and single crates of art and craft supplies can be stored. For an art and craft cupboard to be an effective storage space that is easy to keep organized and use effectively to store things, it needs to have shelving. You can opt to fit this shelving yourself or buy a cupboard that has shelving already fitted in it.

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Tubs, jars, and drawers are a must


The easiest way to store arts and craft supplies in is tubs, jars, and drawers. For an art and craft cupboard to be an effective resource for storing your children’s art supplies, it needs to be laid out in a way that makes it easy for your little ones to find the things that they need. Ideally, you want to choose to use jars, tubs, and storage crates that are see through, so that you can easily see everything. For any containers that you can’t see into, using labels is a must. For instance, for a tub holding all of your glue, from PVA to glue guns and glue sticks, label that tub as ‘Glues’. For a tub full of collage materials, including glitter, paper cut-offs, magazines, buttons, and string, label it ‘collage materials’. The easier things are to find, the easier it will be to keep the space tidy and organized.


Beautify the cupboard


For kids, everything is about appearance, so to make their art and craft cupboard more exciting for them, get creative. Pick out contact paper that comes in cute, quirky designs and lay it on each shelf. You may even be able to find contact paper that incorporates arts and craft materials – the best place to buy it from is online. Stringing up a couple of sets of motion sensored fairy lights could also help to add to the charm of your children’s art and crafts cupboard. Allow your little ones to decorate the inside of the cupboard door with paint, sponges, and stencils.  


The fact is if you want to ensure that your little ones can access all of their arts and crafts supplies easily, and keep them stored neatly away, an arts and crafts cupboard is a must. By creating your little ones an art cupboard, you can ensure that not only are their art supplies neatly stored, but also that they are able to easily access them all, without having to go through crate after crate, which is why labeling each jar, crate, and tub is so important. If children know where things live and where they go, they are much more likely to take things out neatly and clear up after themselves once they are done with them.



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