Five Fall Fixes for Your Home


Five Fall Fixes for Your Home


Many of us get back into the swing of things when fall rolls around. As we gear up for the coming winter, many of us begin to think about the home that keeps us warm. Fall is a great time to take on home improvement projects, as the cooler weather allows for easier work. With a bit of determination and a willingness to get down and dirty, you can make your home both more beautiful and more valuable.


Here are a few suggestions:


Up Your Curb Appeal

The facade of your home is the only thing that most people ever see, so you want it to be pretty. There are a thousand different options for increasing curb appeal, including everything from landscaping to lighting. One often overlooked method is installing new siding. Not only will new siding make your home look brand new again, it is also very helpful in transitioning into colder fall weather as new siding offers greater insulation. You will want to make sure you seek out a fully qualified contractor like Siding Vancouver that specializes in your preferred material, such as a cedar, vinyl or Hardie.


Upgrade Your Lighting

With just a few simple changes, you can see your home in an entirely new light. Relatively inexpensive in the world of home improvement, lighting can make a big difference in your house’s appearance. You don’t need to hire a professional either—most homeowners can take on this project all by themselves. Head over to your local hardware store and pick out some lights that appeal to you and go well with your home’s ambiance. After that, just follow the instructions. Before you know it you will see your home like never before.


Get Out the Paint

It’s too cold outside now for gardening projects, so you’re likely to be looking for an indoor activity. Paint is an excellent an essentially universal option—there is hardly a single house in this entire world that couldn’t do with a fresh coat of paint. No matter how hard you try to keep the walls clean, safe, and unscathed, there is the general wear and tear of daily life that takes a toll on them. Look around online for recommendations and pick out a color that truly appeals to you. Make sure you don’t forget the trim too! If you repaint the walls, your old trim is sure to look shabby by comparison.


Redo the Basement

Redoing your basement is a pretty big undertaking, but it is also enormously rewarding. If your home has a basement, it is likely that you are not taking full advantage of the extra room. While many picture basements as dark storage spaces, they can often be transformed into warm and lovely spaces without too much trouble. Throw in a rug and some comfortable furniture and you are already off to a good start! If you are feeling ambitious, you could transform the space into a separate apartment where guests or renters could stay.


Replace Your Windows

If your home is more than a few years old, odds are some of the windows need replacing. It is easy for moisture to leak into the seals and, as fall turns into winter, you are going to want to make sure that the moisture stays out in the air where it belongs. Keep that cold air outside by replacing your window panes. It is a sound investment and typically pays for itself in later resale value.

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