How to manage common health issues with Hemp Oil


In recent years, the studies on the effects of Cannabis has grown numerous, most of which point to a direct connection between Cannabis and improved health. Hemp and hemp oil is no different. There are a wide variety of uses and remedies for hemp oil. Here are just some of the ways hemp oil can help improve your daily life.


If you are new to the whole hemp oil thing, and would like to know more information about it, will prove to be an invaluable guide into the world of hemp oil, and will help explain many things not covered in this article.


Hemp Oil May Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease


Researchers are starting to get an idea of all the benefits that hemp oil has for the heart. In this study conducted in 2007 (1), researchers found that hemp oil has natural blood clot fighting properties. Other study found the same properties, but also found that hemp oil has a great effect in stopping ischemic heart disease (2). This is all thanks to hemp oil having omega- 3 and omega-6 fatty acids, good fats that help keep the body going.


Hemp Oil Reduces Inflammation, and Relieves Arthritis Pain


A study published in the Free Radical Biology and Medicine, and conducted by the University of Mississippi Medical Center, found that hemp oil reduces the symptom of inflammation, which is a major factor in many diseases (3). One of those diseases is Arthritis. Hemp oil has shown promise in easing the stress of joint pain when it comes to Arthritis, by up to twenty-five percent.


Use Hemp Oil to Heal Skin Conditions


Hemp oil has been known for some time for its ability to heal afflictions of the skin. From eczema to simple rashes, applying hemp oil to the area seems to be an effective method for healing skin. Those fatty omega acids contained in hemp oil are needed by the skin to regenerate and look its best. A recent study has even show the promise of hemp oil on atopic dermatitis (4). Hemp oil also helps with the maintaining of a healthy complexion, easily being absorbed into the skin, and moisturizing without leaving a greasy texture. Hemp oil has similar lipids to that of our skin, allowing the oil to get in deeper to the epidermis, than some other oils that use heavy lipids.


Lose Weight with Hemp Oil


Choosing hemp oil over traditional oils in your diet may lead to you losing weight. Thanks to those healthy fatty acids, and the rich nutrient content of hemp oil, the effects on weight loss can be substantial. Another 2007 study showed that the [gamma]-Linolenate in hemp oil reduced the weight gain in formerly obese individuals (5).

These are just some of the benefits using hemp oil daily can provide. There have also been links to hemp oil fighting cancer, and improving hair health. The more studies that are done on hemp oil, the more promise it shows as an effective treatment for a wide array of aliments. It is truly remarkable all that hemp oil can do for your overall health.

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