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If you have money for a renovation or remodel, you might consider putting some work into your bathroom. With the right features in place, you can make your bathroom, stunning and contemporary while still being the perfect place to relax with a long soak. But, to do this, you do need to know the bathroom design ideas that are currently trending in the world today. You might be surprised at just how different bathrooms can be and the cool ways that you can make one stand out in your home.

Furniture That Makes A Statement

We often think of the bathroom as a room designed for minimalism. You might have your bath, your sink, your toilet, a shower and possibly a vanity cabinet. Aside from this, there probably isn’t that much furniture in your bathroom. But you can change that by choosing new furniture for your bathroom that makes an awesome statement. For instance, you could add a comfortable chair to your bathroom. This could be the perfect place for drying your hair after you’ve had a soak or perfecting your makeup in front of the mirror. You don’t have to be confined by the typical features of this room. If you have the space and love the idea of spending more time in your bathroom, this could be the perfect addition to your room.

More Minimalism

Perhaps a minimalistic feel is still important to you when you’re completing your bathroom design. Besides, if you can save space in certain areas, you’ll have more room for new exciting features. So, how do you save some space in your bathroom and keep it looking stunning? Well, you could consider purchasing some minimalistic bathroom cabinets. Keep things simple with smooth cabinets that have simplistic handles that will guarantee the room doesn’t feel too cluttered. Or, just avoid the handles completely and buy a cabinet with a press open mechanism. If you do this, there’s no reason that when shut your bathroom cabinet can’t just look like another piece of the wall.


Gone are the days when everything in your bathroom needs to be fitted to the wall or slid snugly into one corner. Instead, you can be a little more bold and creative with the layout of your bathroom with a free-standing tub. Exactly as described, a freestanding tub can be centered in the room completely detached from the wall. It will look incredible, and you can even design a room around this one feature. You can shop through a wide selection of freestanding bathtubs to choose the one that will fit perfectly into your bathroom. These have certainly become popular lately and are always part of a modern bathroom design.

Going Dark

You might be thinking about choosing a new color for your bathroom. However, instead, you should be considering the possibility of no color in your bathroom at all. Instead, you can choose dark walls with jet black fittings and beautiful coal tiles. This could look truly stunning and can transform your bathroom into a moody masterpiece. Or, a tranquil place of solitude. Don’t forget if you are opting for black with your bathroom design, you might want a few pieces of white that will contrast beautifully. Remember, that freestanding tub we mentioned. Imagine how perfect that would look if it was a beautiful cream and the surrounding room was jet black. This is a bold design choice that you will certainly see in show homes this year.

New Rugs

Forget about the bath mats that you’ll typically find by the sink or close to the bath in your room. Instead, you should be looking for rugs for your bathroom that are a little more exciting. They could have a unique design, or they might bring a splash of color to your room. Either way, they could be the perfect accessory to give your bathroom a touch more character. These days plain mats for the bathroom aren’t popular at all. It’s time to let your creativity and imagination run wild when accessorizing your bathroom.

Wonderful Wall Word Art

We’ve had it in the kitchen, we’ve had it in the hallway. Now, it’s time for the bathroom to say something with word art that you can fit or stick to the walls near your tub. It’s a great way for your bathroom to make a statement and once again gain a little more character.

These are just some of the bathroom trends that you might be interested in incorporating into your redesign this year.


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