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More and more people are keen to work from home. It saves you the headache of long commutes and gives you a chance to spend more time with your family. Of course, if you’re hoping to set up your own home-based business, then you definitely need to consider a home office. Setting up your space to make it functional as well as inspirational might be easier than you thought. Here are some of the essentials of home-office setups:


Quiet And Enclosed

It’s really important you have somewhere quiet, so you can focus and concentrate on your work. While every parent intends to continue their child caring duties at the same time as working, this is rarely practical. Chances are you’ll have important documents and letters to keep out of their reach too! Pick a small room where you can close the door.



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You’ll need some technology on hand to help you perform your work duties. A high-speed internet connection is essential, especially if you are a remote employee. You’ll need a current spec laptop or desktop computer. Ideally, you should have a separate keyboard with a wrist pad to avoid trapped nerves and other typing injuries. Computers tend to crash just when you need them most, so make sure you have a computer repair specialist in your speed dial.


You’ll need plenty of sockets to power your computer, desk lamp, phone charger, printer, and other tech in the room. If you are dividing a larger room or converting a space like a garage, consider asking an electrician to install extra sockets for you. You might need air conditioning or heating here too.


Legal Stuff

If you have access to customer or employee details, you must keep them secure. Anything that is printed in hardcopy must be securely locked away. Ideally, you will have a metal, fire-proof box or cabinet to protect all your important documents. In some places, you might be asked to declare how you protect personal information and who else might have access to it.


Locking The Door?

Security online is something most of us are paying far more attention to these days. But are you paying attention to the security of your home? If you’re setting up a home office, chances are you’re at home more often these days. This can lead to complacency. If anything, you should ramp up your home security. After all, you have more expensive equipment and tech at home now. Make sure doors and windows can be locked to reduce the risk of burglary.


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The Phone

If you’re using your landline as a business line, it’s a good idea to make sure there is only one handset using that line. A dedicated line is quite common for this. If you would prefer always to be available, you can rent a non-geographic number to point at your mobile phone.


Setting up your home office can take a little bit more consideration than you thought. As with any work environment, make sure you’ve got natural light and fresh air available.  


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