What Is Climate Change And Why Should We Care About It?

You may have heard the term ‘climate change’ in the past, but do you know what it is? Do you know why more of us should care about it, and begin raising awareness of it? This guide will help you by telling you everything you need to know.

Being Aware Of Climate Change
Knowing the impact of climate change is crucial, especially since the presidential policy is moving away from this issue. Climate change makes public health conditions worse, and is responsible for many negative things, such as poor air quality and insect related disease.

Climate change takes millions of years to take place, and refers to change in the usual temperature in an area at a certain time of year. Climate change can cause pretty serious health issues, so focusing on it is crucial if we want to keep the world and our people healthy.

Why Is Climate Change Dangerous?
People who already have health issues can find them getting progressively worse due to climate change. Not only are we all at risk of more mosquito-borne diseases, we can also fall ill from contaminated water, temperature changes, and natural disasters. Many serious natural disasters could take place due to climate change, and they can continue to affect a person later on in the form of mental health issues.

By being as knowledgeable as possible about climate change, you can help to raise awareness and reduce the impact it can cause. Take a look at the infographic below for more information:

credit to University of Southern California


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