How to Become a Frugal Driver


Being a driver is an expensive game, isn’t it? Filling up your car’s tank is expensive. Accidents are expensive. The subsequent repairs are expensive. Modifications are expensive. Insurance is expensive. Everything about cars and being a driver is expensive.


But you can cut down on the expenses of being a driver and owning a car, if you want to. More to the point, you can cut down on your motor expenses and outgoings if you really try to. If you really want to have a go at being a frugal driver, below you can find advice on how to do so.

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Spend big, it will save you money in the long run


Yes, spending big on your car may seem like something that you should avoid doing as you attempt to become a far more frugal driver. But, here’s a little secret: it’s not. Spending big and shelling out cash in one lump sum on your car is in fact something that you should be doing because it will result in you saving more money in the future. One such way of doing so is to fill your tank up when you next visit a gas station; by doing so you cut down on the gas wasted when multiple trips to the station are made. Another way to do so is to pay for auto repair as soon as a problem with your car comes to your attention (as soon as you hear a problem); by doing so you can save on having to pay even more on repairs as the problem with your car worsens.


Do your research


Cars are very complicated pieces of machinery. And it is when car owners do not know anything about their cars when things start to get expensive. One such example of this is the act of hiking the prices up on the part of a cowboy mechanic. These types of mechanics, although professionally trained to work with cars, are not to be trusted because they hike up the price of a job when an unsuspecting and unknowledgeable car owner brings them an easy one. To combat this, you should do as much research as you can into your car’s problem — there is no excuse not to in this day and age, what with Google being a tool at your disposal. Something else that you can do in this vein is do your homework in regards to car insurance. By doing so, and then proceeding to haggle for prices with insurance companies, you could find a significant chunk of money is taken off of your policy.


Remember, being a frugal driver is about thinking in the long term, not just the short. And remember, if you want to live the frugal driver lifestyle then you have to be committed to it. When you do these things, and once you ultimately save a load of cash, you can then treat yourself and buy the cool car you’ve always dreamed of driving.

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