How to Make the Most of Your Orlando Family Vacation

Every year millions of tourists make their way to the state of Florida with adventure on the brain and a car – or plane row – full of kids looking to explore. If that sounds like your family, then you’re in luck. With a smorgasbord-worth of activities to choose from it can be pretty daunting. Here are four tips on family travel that are sure to make the experience far more enjoyable. After all, isn’t that what vacations are all about?

Find activities for everyone in the family

Orlando is a place where dreams come true – some even literally. One of the greatest resources Orlando has to offer is its almost chameleon-like ability to cater to any age group, diverse interest or budget. For the family who dreams of space travel, take a short daytrip to the space coast and visit the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex at Cape Canaveral. For the thrill-seeking family, test your wits at iFLY – Orlando’s premiere indoor skydiving wind tunnel. For families who love to explore and learn about exotic animals, embark on a journey to either SeaWorld Orlando or try the wondrous SeaLife Aquarium.

Find restaurants that cater to children

There is nothing more frustrating than traveling to unknown destinations, after spending hours cramped in small spaces, and having no clue what restaurants around you serve kid-friendly options. If you want to make the most out of your family’s time on vacation, try Disney Springs’ T-Rex Restaurant. Located right in the heart of the city, this beloved restaurant serves amazing fare, comes complete with animatronic dinosaurs and a living reef full of exotic fish. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza serves unique fare that will sate the hunger of any person lucky enough to get their hands on their signature dishes.

Bond while waiting in line

Anyone who has ever vacationed in a major tourist city knows one thing stands out amongst all the hype: lines. No matter what time of day you choose to visit theme parks or waterparks, there will always be lines. There’s simply no escaping it. Why not entertain your family with a game of iSPY to keep the fun going all day long? Try introducing your family to a family either in front or behind you in line. Who knows? Maybe you’ll learn something about a new and exotic culture along the way. Nothing kills line-time faster than laughing with the ones you love.

Make time for the beach

Florida is known for two things: its heat, and its beaches. While one may be freely accessible – to the chagrin of many tourists – the beaches can be accessed by taking a few minutes to plan the most direct route. Surrounded by water on three of its four sides, the Sunshine State is home to hundreds of miles of open coast just waiting to be explored. On the east coast, local-favorite Daytona Beach offers great surfing and sandcastle building opportunities. Don’t forget about Florida’s west coast, though. Sanibel Island and St. Pete Beach offer some of the most beautiful sunsets you could ever imagine.

No matter the cause for your trip to the City Beautiful, you’re in for a real treat. Orlando offers some of the most unique varieties of activities you’re sure to find this side of the Mississippi.

When you visit Orlando, do a little research into the most convenient accommodations for your family. Places like Westgate Resorts offer the convenience of on-site pools, spas, dining options and more.

How do you spend quality time with family while on vacation?

Katie Parsons works with Westgate Reservations. She’s the creator of parenting blog Mumbling Mommy.


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