The Garden After The Storm


Storms are traumatic for everyone. Let’s be honest; they’re frightening. We all love a little rumble of thunder now and again. But, the fun stops when things get more serious. When the forecast predicts bad news, we head for home and fear the worst.

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And, often, nature doesn’t disappoint. As we can see from the horrendous images of Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath on sites like, nature has the power to floor us. It can ruin our homes, our health, and our happiness. And, it can do so with fairly little effort. Just a few hours of heavy rain and winds are enough to cause untold damage.


If the worst happens, you may spend most of your effort on finding fixes for your home. It makes sense, given that you need to live there. If the storm has made your house unsafe, you need to deal with that issue before anything else. But, the work doesn’t stop there. Your garden is exposed to the elements, and as such, it’s sure to need your attention, too. And, to help you develop a plan of action for your outside space, consider these pointers.

Clear the worst of it

If your flowers are scattered, and your fences have fallen, you’ve got a fair bit of clearing on your hands. Despite any work you do in your home, you may find it difficult to settle back into your lives with evidence of what happened on your doorstep. Not to mention that fallen fences are a security risk of their own.

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Get to work as soon as possible clearing the debris, and finding temporary fixes for your fences. Once the space is as clear as you can get it, set about assessing the damage.

Get the professionals to take a look

For the most part, you’ll need to hire professionals to deal with the main body of the damage. Don’t hesitate to call on everyone from fencing specialists, to tree repair services like those found at Such individuals will provide a fast and professional finish. This way, you’ll get your lives back in no time. Make sure to call everyone in one foul swoop so that work can get started as soon as possible. When assessing your damage, write a list of everyone you need to contact.

Look to the future

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Once the main work is done, it’s time to start looking to the future. The sooner you can get things back on track, the better. Visit a garden center, and stock up on the plants you couldn’t save. Use this as an excuse to re-design your garden if you want to put the past behind you. Either way, it’s important to move forward. It’s also worth learning from the storm and putting prevention methods in place. For example, reinforcing your fences should ensure they don’t fall again. If flooding was the problem, consider raising your flowerbeds. Small steps like these will go a long way towards saving your garden if a storm strikes again.

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