The Ultimate In Cool Cars: Which Feature Will Wow You The Most?


In most circumstances, cars are always cool. But you have a agree, with the progression of the modern world, cars are becoming more awesome than ever. With so many upgrade options that impress, and even some standard models being kitted out in the best of everything, it’s crazy not to have a cool car! When you want something to suit your lifestyle, you need to invest – but you need to invest in the right areas.


Gas you can definitely cut back on, but that’s not the only area. Car insurance can come cheaper when you shop around on sites such as leaving you more to invest in the fun stuff. Because when you spend less on these areas, you should have more to play around with when it comes to the ultimate in cool cars. And let’s take a look at what those options are.


In-Car Entertainment


First up, the car cool we all want – entertainment. These days, most cars have killer systems and even let you hook up your own entertainment options. But, there are cars brands that give you more, like Bentley. In the super sleek Bentayga SUV, you get a killer Bentley Android entertainment system that can not only be used in-car, but taken out too. So you can continue on with your entertainment (or the kids’ can) when you arrive at your destination.


Sexy Seats


These days, cars are really upping their game when it comes to car seats. And because we all want to be comfortable when we drive, this can be a huge selling point. In particular, the newly launched Lincoln Continental sedan comes with something called Perfect Position Seats with 30 adjustments. Likewise, the Infiniti QX30 comes with “spinal support” to help reduce fatigue as you drive.


Awesome Driving Extras


But there’s also some cool car tech that can help you to drive too. Because we all have accidents that lead to common car repairs as seen here on, but tech can help us to avoid them. Especially the new tech from Volvo. With new safety technology, they can help you stay on the road in bad weather, as well as identifying when large animals are near and warn you to avoid collisions!


In-Car Tech


Then you’ve got the must have in-car connectivity kit. With something like Chevrolet’s Chevy My Link or the Mercedes-Benz mbrace2 system. You can connect your tech and use in-dash apps too. Using your smartphone and the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto options, you can access everything you need while in the car!


Self-Parking Settings


First, we had parking sensors to warn up when we were doing a bad job, then we had car cameras to guide us as we tried to parallel park, and now, we have self-parking cars! That’s right, cars that park themselves for you. So if you’re awful at parking and are forever scratching your car (and others), you’re going to want to invest in something like the Ford Focus or Mercedes-Benz E-Class and let it do its thing!

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