5 Things You Need To Know Before You Get A Dog




A dog can be a wonderful and loyal companion. They don’t answer back, well they might bark back, but that’s okay. They love playing in the park and they will happily watch a trashy cable show with you. They really are a man and woman’s best friend. However, they can also be demanding. Yes, they might shower you in love but are you really ready for the responsibility. They are just like a furry baby. If you get a puppy then you will have sleepless nights. You may also find that everything and anything in your house is chewed.

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Every year people fall in love with the idea of getting a dog and there are many benefits to owning a dog, but how do you really know that it is for you? Nearly 4 million dogs end up in shelters every year, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). You need to know what you are getting yourself into before you buy a dog. You need to check that owning a dog won’t leave you barking mad.


What You Need To Know Before You Get A Dog


Dogs Are Expensive


According to the ASPCA, the annual cost of care for a small dog is $420 and the cost of caring for a large dog is $780. However, it could quite easily be more than this. You could find that there could be an emergency trip to the vets. You will also want to ensure that your dog is kept healthy because prevention is always better than the cure. We all know that the cure has a habit of being a whole lot more expensive. With that in mind you may want to get heartgard plus for dogs, which is a monthly treatment for worm control. Worms can be transferred to humans so you really will want to get your dog a worming treatment. You should also always get your dog splayed or neutered. You will also need to make sure that you have all of the relevant supplies for your dog; crate, lead, collar, treats, bed, dog food. The list goes on. You might also want to consider microchipping your dog, that way you should never lose them


You Need To Brush His Teeth


You thought that brushing a toddler’s teeth was difficult? Wait until you brush your dog’s teeth! You should be brushing them daily with special toothpaste for dogs. You should also be checking your dog’s gums and teeth. You can also buy them special dog treats to chew on that are good for their teeth.


The Plants In Your Garden Could Kill Your Dog


Some plants are toxic to your dog. These include Lillies and Tulips. The ASPCA have a list of things that you should be keeping away from your dog


You Will Need To Trim Their Nails


You will need to trim their nails and they may well not like it. Get them used to this process and make sure that you trim their nails on a regular basis. If their nails get too long then they could break or become infected.


Clean Their Ears


You need to clean their ears so that they don’t get an ear infection. However, you also need to be aware that frequent bathing and swimming can cause problems in your dog’s ears too.

Taking on a dog is huge commitment. However, it could also be the start of a beautiful relationship.


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