An Emotional Crash Course

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The thought of teaching your child to drive can send the fear of God into some people. Yes, it is probably a nightmare, but in the age of expensive driving lessons, paying for your driving test now means that you usually get one more shot before you have to spend a year saving up to do it all over again, it makes a lot of sense to give your child some experience in the driver’s seat. But with this, there are some pros and cons, and definitely, some that are somewhere in the middle…

Are They Actually Ready?

You should let them be the judge of this; it can be difficult for someone to sum up the confidence to get out on the road for the first time. If they aren’t ready, don’t push it, this is going to make them more anxious which will not lend well to road situations. Everything takes time, but they will soon realize when they are ready to start learning, and it’s usually when all their friends are learning or have already passed their test, or it’s the point where they cannot bear taking the bus anymore. It happens to everyone.


Plan Your Lessons

It’s much better to give your child the details of the lesson and plan ahead. Maybe you want to give them some details about the roads, and they will want to learn how to do it, if you are giving them details about maneuvers you’d like to teach them, maybe they would go on YouTube and look for clips on how to do it. Planning and preparation will make life easier for the both of you.


Learn The Art Of Patience

As a parent, it’s very easy for you to blow your top. This does not help in driving situations; you need to learn how to be calm, especially when they stalled the car for the 50th time in 30 minutes. Remember how it was when you stalled the car for the first time and there was a queue of traffic behind you? So get a sense of perspective and patients on the situation.


Take It Slowly

Why should you push them into these situations where they may feel so stressed that they will give up and not go back to driving ever? It’s much better to do things bit by bit, this will help to give them some realistic expectations of the learning process, and it’s a great way to help them build up confidence in the act of driving itself.


School Them In The Basics

There are things that you don’t learn during driving lessons, such as the best type of auto repair mechanics in your local area, how to fill up the water in the engine or even checking the oil. Learning to drive is one thing, the mechanics of the car itself is completely another. You don’t need to give them a crash course in how to take the engine out. But some things will help when they are on the road, and they need to know what could be wrong with the car. It’s great in emergency situations, and it will increase their confidence about being in the car.


Driving is one of those lessons in life let’s everybody tends to go through at some point. It can be easy for some, but very stressful for others. A lot of people are now put off by the act of driving, but it’s one of those life skills that really come in handy, so as their parents, make it easier for them.

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