An Essential Guide To Keeping Your Child Away From Motorcycle Mayhem

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Any parent worries about their children on the road. The day they pass their test is often a confusing one. On the one hand, we couldn’t be more pleased for them. Our babies are growing up and doing it for themselves. It’s fantastic. On the other hand, there’s a lot of fear involved. During their lessons, you could rest easy that their instructor would keep them safe. But, when they’re out on their own, there’s nothing you can do but hope they stay sensible. And, after they’ve been on a few solo trips, your fear will probably reduce in a major way.

But, sometimes, our kids don’t follow the traditional path. Instead, they may decide to get a motorcycle. It’s a mother’s worst nightmare. These fast, exposed machines have got to be bad news, right?

But, despite your personal feelings, your child will be at an age where they can proceed if they so wish. And, if you fight them on every step of the way, they’ll go it alone. Hence, there’s more chance they’ll get things wrong.

Instead, put your feelings to the side, and follow these steps to ensure your child’s safety.

Go through the buying process with them

You may not know much about motorcycles, but it’s crucial you go through every stage of the buying process with your child. When we’re young, appearances are everything. As such, your kid may choose something which looks good but isn’t safe. Ensure that doesn’t happen by going along to viewings.

Make sure, too, that they’re not buying the cheapest option at the expense of safety. There are plenty of safe second hand dealers. You can find out more details here from American Motorcycle Trading Company, or research others like them. In doing so, you can teach your child that saving money doesn’t have to mean compromising safety.

Do your research

It’s also worth doing your research. The chances are that you had a wealth of driving information you wanted to pass down. While the same can’t be said for motorcycle riding, you could still learn the basics to help them out. Even finding a useful video tutorial could set them on the right path.

Research like this will also help put your mind at ease. It’s worth researching facts and figures for accidents. Motorcycle accidents are actually less common than those involving cars, despite what many of us believe.

Teach your child about other drivers

You may not know much about motorcycles, but you will know plenty about other drivers from your time on the road. And, this could be invaluable knowledge for your child. Many motorcycle accidents are caused by other drivers failing to see bikes before hitting them.

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Teach your child about the importance of looking out for other drivers, and ensuring they’re always visible. It may even be worth buying them reflectors and hi-visibility jackets. They might not thank you at first, but a few goes on the road will leave them glad they’ve got these.


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