Bring The Vacation To Your Backyard


Going on vacation can get expensive, and when you’ve tried it for the 5th year in a row, it can add up and up. So why not bring the experience home with you? Have the best holiday you can whilst soaking up your native rays at home, and even create a good few memories away from the usual tourist scene. Here’s a few ideas on making that summer feeling last longer.

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Make it Sunny No Matter the Weather


This season is about you. Never mind what the weather wants to do; pathetic fallacy is old news! There’s a lot you can do to make the weather seem a lot nicer where you are. For example, the simple addition of solar pool covers to your backyard swimming pool means you can generate your own energy at no extra cost, and maybe even power some colorful fairy lights in your gazebo.


Speaking of gazebos, have a nice bbq function underneath one to really maximise on the idea of summer. Of course, keep the grill separate from your hosting space, and also for the safety element.


Also have a pool party with some good music. No matter how old we are, everyone loves a good splash around.


Trim Hedges into Fancy Shapes


It’s an unusual skill to have, but being able to craft with literally any material you can get your hands on is always a good talking point at parties. When it comes to the bushes outside your house, don’t let them be overgrown and unruly. Try your hand at topiary to get that tropical feel you’re searching for.


You can chop and prune into any shape you fancy: a zebra for that african safari you never went on, or just some neatly trimmed high hedges to cultivate a perfect zen garden. Sound relaxing? Have a good spa day by breaking out a dressing gown and relax in the private comfort of pebbles under your feet and high fences with climbing ivy.


Have Themed Nights


Themed nights happen in nightclubs across the world, and festivals can’t exactly be done in your own back garden. So, a great way to live the high life when at home is to have theme nights out in the garden. Put noir music on and hang up movie posters for a cinema screening, or a roaring 20s night and have flapper dresses everywhere, even on the men!


They also do well for charity, so if you’re looking to raise some money, have tickets and drinks on sale for people to purchase with aiding in mind. Dress up and have collection buckets for times such as Halloween and Christmas variants; it makes the night less spooky on the whole, and adds a little more Christmas cheer to the celebrations. It’s all about giving after all!


So there’s a few good ideas! Most of all, have fun with your summer at home, no matter what you choose to do.


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