Cooking Skills: The Proper Way To Do It



Cooking is easy, and at times very difficult. The more you can learn at the beginning, the easier you will find things later down the line. So here are all the basic skills that every person needs to know how to do – properly.



How to boil an egg

If you’re trying to achieve the perfect runny yolk that you can dip your toast into – you must make sure you time it right. That is the key. Even five seconds will make a huge difference so you need to be on the ball.

The duration all depends on how you want your egg to be, as some like it runny, while others like it hard, but you should always start with them at room temperature to ensure they are cooked properly. If you want a soft boiled egg, bring the pan of water to the boil and carefully place the egg into it for three to five minutes. For a hard boil, start with a pan of cold water, boil it, then put your egg in for seven to ten minutes. Essentially the longer it’s in there for, the firmer it will become.

When done, immediately put it in cold water to stop any further cooking.



How to chop an onion  

The first thing that you’ll need, is a decent knife to be able to cut without having to force any weight down as this is dangerous. Then you can find more tips on how to use the tool like a pro. Once you’ve got that in the bag, it’s all about technique. First cut the onion in half, then you can easily peel off the skin. Make a couple of horizontal cuts into each half of the onion and then slice down vertically holding the onion together. Take the flat end of the onion and chop downwards. Keep doing so until you have chopped everything up into nice little squares.



How to melt chocolate

You should first break up your bar of chocolate into small pieces and then place the bits into a heatproof bowl. Then sit them over a pan of almost simmering water – don’t let the water get too hot otherwise the chocolate might burn and split – allow the chocolate to melt and stir it occasionally to help the process. You should make sure that the bowl does not touch the water, and that no water is able to come into contact with the chocolate otherwise it will be ruined and unable to be used.



How to cook pasta

If you don’t know how to correctly cook pasta, you will most likely be used to eating it stodgy and stuck together – no, this isn’t how it’s supposed to be.

Fill a pan with enough water to be able to just cover the pasta twice, add a pinch of salt to taste and bring it to the boil. Once that has been done, carefully put the pasta into the water and cook it for around ten to twelve minutes. Make sure that you stir it within the first two minutes to prevent sticking; you can also add a drop of oil to help.


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