How to Choose the Right Bathroom vanity

Washrooms have become an integral part of many apartments, especially in this modern era. Due to the copious amount of time we spend in these enclosures, it is only fair that we design our bathrooms to match our tastes. Bathroom vanities are an excellent way to customize your bathroom space to make it more convenient and classy.  Here’s a guide to how you can make your washroom extra special.


Vanity options to consider


  • Vanities and cabinetry have gradually changed over the years from simple storage cabinets to sophisticated modern cabinets built with efficiency in mind. Clients have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of sinks, faucets, vanity tops and toilet toppers to accentuate their shower place.


  • One of the significant decisions you will have to make is whether to include or exclude a vanity top. Tops can be made from materials such as marble and granite. The cherry on the cake is that customers can tailor their accessories in a manner that suits their style.


Linen cabinets and towers


  • Towels are one of the standard items you are likely to find in a bathroom. It is essential to have a line cabinet or a towel tower where you can store these utilities when not in use. A toilet topper is another ideal storage option available to customers. These compartments provide a convenient place to store toiletries while also complementing your washroom décor.


Materials to use for your furniture


  • Wood is a preferable material when it comes to designing cabinets. The reason behind the high preference for wood is due to its wide availability and ease of use. For the best in quality cupboards, you are better off going with pine, oak, mahogany, ebony, birch, walnut and maple finishes.


The perfect sink for you


  • A sink acts as an exit channel for the water you utilize while in the facility, nonetheless, it should be both stylish and durable in a way that complements your interior. There are endless possibilities when it comes to this accessory.  Depending on your tastes and preferences, you can opt for either a single or double sink; wall mounted or drop-in sink, vessel or pedestal configuration.


Size and positioning of cabinets


  • Size does matter a great deal when it comes to vanities. If you have a relatively small facility, then a single vanity is your best bet. Individuals with spacious washrooms can opt to have double vanities to make better use of the room available.  Before you purchase the items, it is essential to take note of your bathroom’s dimensions to ensure you get furniture that fits.


  • Another genius way of making proper use of available space is to apply appropriate positioning techniques. Placing cabinets too close to the doorway can inhibit your movements thus eroding convenience. If possible position the furniture at a location that is not visible from the entrance.


Painting schemes to complement your interior


  • If you are the kind of person who values uniformity, you can opt to adopt a uniform color scheme for your entire bathroom accessories.  White, light blue and cream are some of the popular painting options you can consider. If you prefer to preserve the aesthetic nature of wood, the polishing will make the item more appealing.


Other accessories you might consider

  • There are a few finishing accents that you can apply to make your vanities sparkle. Customers can include mirrors and vanity lights to elevate their overall experience. Mirrors, in particular, are a must-have in modern establishments. Clients can even customize the knobs that feature on their furniture to give the whole item a refined look.


Shopping for the right accessories

  • Nowadays it is easier to find a furniture dealer in your locality thanks to the Internet. Online shopping has grown immensely making it possible to order items overseas. It is possible to get traditional, modern, antique and cottage vanity options from prominent furniture dealerships across the globe.


If you plan to Do it yourself

  • Installing bathroom vanities isn’t all that hard to do. Many local hardware or big box stores have books that you can buy with easy to follow tutorials. You can install a vanity with some simple hand and power-tools that are cheap to buy and or, you can borrow from friends or family members.

– Circular saw – Makita 5007MG makes a high quality saw that’s within any budget.

– Power drill – You can purchase a cordless drill for less than 40 bucks.

– Level & Pry-bar

– Measuring tape

– Utility knife


Cabinets are an ideal way to freshen up the look of your structure.  Get the bathroom of your dreams by installing a vanity that combines both style and functionality.


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