How To Keep Online Gaming Safe for Your Kids

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Video gaming used to be a strong ‘no-go’ zone for parents. But that was many, many moons ago before parents started becoming more and more interested in the many benefits that video gaming can offer children. If you are still sitting on the fence here are some of the best methods and tools to ensure that you are properly monitoring your childrens video game activity and that you are encouraging the best kind of video play.


Internet Security


As video gaming is becoming more and more interactive, we are using our internet connections more and more in order to play. Of course, all parents are aware of the risks of children being on the internet, a more unknown risk however, is that to your software. If you are running on an outdated system, then you are much more likely to catch a virus on your computer by spending time connected to video games through your internet connection. Therefore if your children want to play games online then it is advisable to upgrade your computer to a system that is compatible with the latest software.


Use Game To Your Advantage


Encouraging children to play the right kind of games is also an important element when approaching video gaming. Children that are experiencing stress or anxiety are best indulging in games that are calm and therapeutic. If you are looking to try and build memory and motor skills then certain tactical games are the best. Children can play Final Fantasy 15, or similar games of that genre, to build problem solving skills as these types of games are good at encouraging children to make plans and to follow them through in order to reach the best decisions. Children that need help in an educational capacity can try games such as Endless Ocean or for younger children The Magic School Bus. Picking and choosing the kind of games that you think your child or teenager would benefit from is a great way to provide your child with something that he or she enjoys whilst also giving you peace of mind that you are proactively focusing on important areas of their development.


Lead By Example


As with all things in parenting, leading by example is really important when it comes to video gaming. As we are now seeing the emergence of the next generation of parents, parents that grew up in the video game era, it is now becoming more and more common to see parents playing video games with their children. Whilst this is fantastic and finding a great family activity that everyone can enjoy is always a goal, we must be careful to not get too carried away (as we tended to do when we were young!) We must be mindful that whilst video gaming can be beneficial, moderation is always key and screen time must always come with a limit.




Minormonitor is a very useful app that provides parents with the confidence that their children are protected from the perils of social media. All parents, with children in this day and age, are aware of the worries associated with children on sites such as facebook and twitter. Minormonitor will allow you to monitor your child’s activity on these social media sites, including when they add a friend, share a photo, update their status, and of course when they are playing games through those sites. It will offer peace of mind that your child is playing happily online, without any problems.


MobSafety Ranger Browser


So it is one thing monitoring their activity online, it is quite another monitoring exactly how much time they are spending playing online. Therefore another great tool for making your life that little bit easier is the MobSafety Ranger Browser. This allows you to limit the amount of time they spend playing video games online without actually having to physically prize them away from your computer. It simply allows you to input the exact times that your child is allowed to play online. No arguments, no monitoring necessary and no excuse for them not to then go off and complete that pending homework assignment.


With video gaming nowadays having such a heavy online presence it is also important to talk to your children about cyber bullying. It is an unfortunate downside to playing interactively with people in other locations, so it is important to ensure that your child feels they can be open with you about any issues with any other players.


But with that and the above tips in place you should have no problem keeping your children enjoying their video gaming in a safe and well monitored environment.


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