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Cleaning can be a chore. Fortunately there are many modern kitchen gadgets and features that can take out the elbow grease. Here are a few ways to keep your kitchen clean more easily.

Install a pull-down tap


Thinking of fitting a new tap faucet on your kitchen sink? See this review of the best kitchen faucets. Pull-down taps are now all the rage and allow you to more easily clean out the corner of the sink. They also allow you to wash up more effectively without having to awkwardly manoeuvre around pans and utensils.

Finish your floor


Your flooring choice in the kitchen makes a big difference. If you’ve got old linoleum or – God forbid -carpet, then you’re probably best getting rid of it all together. Wooden flooring and ceramic tiles are two popular easy-to-clean choices of flooring. On top of this, you can then add a finish to help preserve the material. Many flooring materials are already laminated or polished. If this isn’t the case, you may want to consider applying a finish yourself. With wood you have two choices – lacquer and oil. Both provide a good finish, although lacquer offers more of a shine (it also only protected the surface, whilst oil preserves the whole wood). When it comes to ceramic, wax or sealant may be the best choices for keeping the surface easy-to-clean.


Opt for non-stick pans


When it comes to washing up, non-stick pans are a life-saver. Their coating stops foods from sticking result in less scrubbing. These types of pans are now very cheap, so there’s no excuse not to own one. Non-coated metal pans only really offer an advantage to those with culinary passions – they’re better for searing and browning foods, which is why they’re favoured by restaurants.


Not got a dishwasher?


If you’re looking for easy cleaning, a dishwasher is the way to go. Cheap dishwashers and detergents may be less effective – if you really want efficient cleaning it could be worth paying the premium price. On top of being expensive to buy, these machines use up a lot of power. It’s worth really weighing up the cost and convenience first.


Buy self-cleaning gadgets


Believe it or not, there are now appliances that clean themselves. Self-cleaning microwaves can prevent you having to get in there and wipe up food debris in between meals. There are also self-cleaning kettles for those living in hard rock areas prone to limescale. Self-cleaning fridges are thought to be the future – right now there are smart fridges that can tell you which foods are past their sell by date and need of chucking. Could we be seeing more self-cleaning appliances around the home?

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