Nissan Produces More 370Z Perfection in 2018

The unique stylistic curvature of the Nissan 370Z coupe continues a long-standing tradition of Z models for stylistic and performance excellence.  This year’s edition provides for five different major edition types from the base line model to the expansive NISMO edition.   All of the models excluding the NISMO provide for a six-speed manual or a seven-speed automatic transmission paired with the 332 horsepower, 270 ft.-lbs. of torque 3.7-liter 24 valve six-cylinder power plant.  The NISMO edition provides for a 350-horsepower engine

The combination of V-6 engine and transmission provides for an excellent fuel efficiency for such a powerful vehicle.  In the city you can expect to obtain 18 miles per gallon and 26 miles per gallon.  With the 19-gallon fuel tank you can expect to cruise for quite some time before needing to add any additional premium fuel into your vehicle.

The premium edition, the NISMO provides for a Continuously Variable Valve Time Control System which tunes the valve lift and timing for a quicker response on the fly.  The automatic and manual transmissions assist you with rev matching options so that shifts are optimal for performance.  The tone of the vehicle is specialized using the NISMO-Tuned dual exhaust providing a great note and reduces back pressure in the vehicle by up to thirty percent.

While the NISMO is the premium edition of the 370Z, all editions provide for a great driving experience and are just plain fun.  The base models come with an 18” black-finished aluminum-alloy wheels and HID headlights.  Most of the available packages that are included in the NISMO edition are available for add on to the base models allowing you to only pay for features that you wish to own.

For more information on this extremely fun and beautiful vehicle contact Nissan professionals such as those at Reedman Toll Nissan.

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