Over 40? Follow These Makeup Rules to Look Fab


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When you reach 40, chances are you’ll find that the beauty products that have served you well so far will no longer get the job done and do a good job of enhancing your natural beauty and giving you a natural glow. That’s because as your skin changes, so should your beauty routine.

If you’re not sure what to do to look fab over 40, check out these simple makeup rules, that if you follow them, will ensure you look as great as you ever have:

Buy Age-Specific Products

The most obvious rule to follow when you’re over 40 is buying products that are age appropriate. Find the best foundation for ageing skin and the perfect moisturizer for more mature faces, and you’ll instantly look better. It might take a little trial and error to find exactly which of these products work best for your particular skin type, but it is well worth taking the effort to do so – trust me!our and making us look as radiant and youthful as ever.

Use Hydrating Formulas

When it comes to foundation, hydrating formulas are the over-40s’ friend. Why? Because as we get older, skin becomes thinner and our estrogen levels get lower, which can make our skin thinner and dryer than it ever was before.Rehydrating foundations can go some way to (temporarily) reversing the problem.

Yellow and Gold Undertones

Staying on the theme of foundation a little longer, try to choose products that have either gold or yellow undertones because these will balance out the redness that can come with age and the bursting of capillaries in the face, for a more even, and youthful look.

Use Matte Eyeshadow

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Sparkly eyeshadows may look cute, but when you’re over the age4 of 40, they can make you look washed out and tired, even if you got your full quota of sleep, which is why you should always choose a good matte shadow if you want to look all dewy eyed and fresh-faced.

Go Full in the Brow Department

When we get older, our eyebrows tend to thin out quite a bit, which is perhaps why thick, full brows are so associated with youth. What does that mean for you/ If you want to look fab at 40, then it’s worth investing in a good brow pencil to fill out any bald spots and make your brows as full as they can be.

Bolder Blush

A lot of women, of any age, are afraid of blush, and to be honest, when you’re younger, you rarely need blush because your cheeks tend to have a natural flush of color all of their own. When you’re over 40 though, your blood’s circulation isn’t quite so active, which means your cheeks can start to look a little dull. That means that you can afford to choose a bolder blush than you might have considered before. Obviously, test it before you go out looking like Ronald McDonald. But don’t be afraid to experiment with brighter shades.

Gloss the Center

We produce more collagen when we’re younger than we do when we start to age, which is why young girls are more likely to have full luscious lips than their older counterparts. Fortunately, giving your lips a little boost is as simple as applying a matte lipstick followed by a few dabs of gloss in the center parts of your lips. This will have an amazing plumping effect that will be the envy of everyone.

Curl and Lengthen


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You might think that now that your lashes aren’t quite as thick and luxurious as they once were, using a volumizing mascara is just what you need, However, all this will do is weigh your lashes down and make them look less impressive than ever. What you should do instead is curly your lashes and coat them in a layer of lengthening mascara for a devastatingly beautiful effect.

Apply A Primer

As you age, your skin can not only become drier but in certain areas, particularly around the yes, it can start to droop down or shrink back, and this means that it’s more difficult to get a product to last all day. The simplest way to combat this is by using a good primer before you apply any additional makeup. If you do this, you should be able to effortlessly maintain your look all day long with only the most minor touch-ups.

If you follow these rules, then there is no way that your makeup will be any less effective than it was in the past, and you are guaranteed to look as fabulous, if not more so than you were in your 20s and 30s.


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