Smart Home Gadgets to Bring You Into the Modern Age


If you don’t already have smart home technology, then you’re missing out. Thanks to smart home hub devices and the appliances they can connect to, we’re getting a glimpse of what the future will hold. We can now use our voice to control everything from the lights to our coffee machines, and the future is only getting brighter with more appliances coming with built-in smart features that can connect to our digital ecosystems.


Not only can we control our homes with our voice, but we can also make changes and adjust things on our phones. Could you imagine checking up on your kids while you’re at work using your phone? How about switching off the lights and locking your front door using your smartphone as you get on the train for work? There would be no more double guessing if you actually remembered to secure the house anymore!


If you want a taste of smart home technology, then here are a couple of gadgets that you absolutely need to consider.

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Smart Television Technology


Don’t worry, you don’t need to buy a new television in order to get smart features. This article from showcases some of the best TV streaming boxes and dongles that you can connect to any television to give it new features. These devices connect to your home network via WiFi or a cable and can access a host of fantastic features that you would see on a computer or phone. For instance, you can browse the internet, access your Netflix subscription and even view your phone’s screen on your television. With so many useful features packed into a small and cheap package, it makes a great introduction to what smart homes can offer you.


Smart Home Security


Smart security is one of the most useful types of smart technology to ever grace our homes. Take a look at this comparison at for a list of features that the latest home security systems have. You can control it all from the comfort of a mobile phone and you can get features that let you check who is at the door, you can get alerts on your mobile phone when someone approaches your home and you can also enable the security automatically when you leave the house or go to sleep. They’re inexpensive and can be a fantastic deterrent for thieves. Consumers Advocate also has online reviews of security systems. 


Smart Temperature Control

With the cold season coming up, it’s essential that we try and reduce the amount of money we spend on keeping ourselves warm. This is when a smart temperature control device such as a smart thermostat can come in handy. It will automatically learn what your ideal temperature is, it will adjust your central heating to match your needs, and it can even be controlled when you’re not at home. For instance, you could turn on the heating when you’re on your way back home and it will be nice and warm for when you walk through the front door. Better yet, smart thermostats can learn when you’re about to come home and automatically do it for you—now that’s smart!

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