The Art Of Crafting The Ultimate Halloween Costume




Halloween is literally days away. But, what’s that? You don’t have an outfit?! There’s no reason to panic because a perfect costume needs to come from a store. The best outfits are the ones which come from your home and heart. Not only can you personalize it, but you can cut costs and get a sense of pride when someone says “nice getup!”  Before the production line is up and running, you need to make sure you understand the basics.


Here are the things to consider when creating the ultimate Halloween costume.


Think Of An Idea


The most common mistake is to try and create an outfit without a plan. Putting together a breathtaking assemble is not easy without a reference point. Anyway, it isn’t as if they are difficult to find. A quick Google search will bring up a variety of generic ideas which you can copy. It will even show you how to put it together. However, the best costumes are the ones which are original and out of the box. For example, The Joker used to be amazing until everyone painted their face. Remember that the idea is the key to the overall look. If the thought isn’t inspired, the outfit will be the same.


Keep It Simple


Too many people think they have to produce a masterpiece as soon as they see the word “original.” As always, the ideas which have the most appeal are annoyingly simple. Take Gandhi as an example. Lots of people have dressed up as the kingpin of civil rights movements with only a couple of fluffy white towels and glasses. Or, if you want to go generic, a clown requires a wig, funky clothes and big shoes. Seen as you are not confident, it is better to keep the variables to a minimum. Face paint is your best friend, as is glitter and fake blood. Honestly, they can make a basic outfit pop.


Use Quality Equipment


The odds are high that you’ll need a sewing machine. Not to burst your bubble, but it’s hard to put a costume together with glue and glitter. But, buying a new sewing machine is only a good option if you choose the right one. Anyone who picks poorly will end up with a mediocre costume. Another thing to consider is whether you can sew! It may seem easy, yet it’s harder than it looks which is why asking a friend for help could be an alternative.


Don’t Forget The Occasion


Halloween isn’t a test and no one is going to grade your costume. Still, you don’t want to miss the theme. Typically, Halloween revolves around dead people, which means blood and gore. However, the party you are going to may have a different theme. The tone could be dead celebrities or anyone famous person who isn’t alive. In that case, just looking like the person is perfectly acceptable. Remember always to read the instructions!


One last thing: don’t spend a fortune. If it’s too much hassle and money, then crafting is pointless.

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