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As well as anime and bullet trains, Japan is famous for its booming car industry. They produce some of the best cars that are popular all over the world. Along with European cars, they have a huge portion of the market share, and for good reason. Japanese cars have won countless international, European, and World car of the year awards so you should probably get yourself one. These are the manufacturers you should be looking at.



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You’re probably thinking if they’re so great, how come I’ve never heard of Infiniti? While you might not have heard of them specifically, you must have heard of Nissan. Infiniti is the luxury branch of the Nissan brand that is so popular around the world. They have all of the engineering that makes the makes Nissan so popular but with a bit of added class. The Infiniti Q50 hybrid is a great, entry level sedan that offers a combination of cheap running costs and luxury with a very reasonable price. It comes with keyless ignition technology and the latest in entertainment tech as standard. Acceleration is great but some people have complained that the handling is a little slippery, however, it’s an overall great car. As well as the Q50 hybrid, they offer loads of great sport models if you’re after something a bit more flash.



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Subaru is best known for the Impreza which has a bit of a reputation as a boy racer’s car but this powerhouse of the Japanese automotive industry has so much more to offer. The Subaru Forester is one of the best family cars on the market and it handles impressively off-road as well. The sheer amount of space in the back makes it ideal for any families and the four-wheel drive coupled with the boxer engine gives it a massive amount of power for a big family SUV. It’s also packed out with one of the best entertainment systems on the market so those long journeys with the families a bit more bearable.



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Lexus is the upmarket division of Toyota but unlike Infiniti, it’s far better known. It’s Japan’s largest selling manufacturer of luxury cars and has been operating globally since the 1990’s. The Lexus CT hatchback is a great all-round hybrid that combines a petrol engine with an electric motor. It’s cheap to run and fairly roomy but if you’re after speed then this isn’t the car for you. The petrol engine isn’t too powerful and the electric motor doesn’t compensate for it but if you’re looking for a great everyday runaround that’s comfortable to drive and reliable, the CT hatchback is a good choice.




Mitsubishi is another popular Japanese car manufacturer that’s seen success around the globe. Most people would tell you that Jeep or Land Rover were the pioneers of the SUV but it was actually Mitsubishi. They came out with their first 4×4 in 1936. These days they’re still leading the market with models like the Eclipse Cross. It’s not the best four wheel drive that you can find but, for the price, it’s a great little runner.

Don’t bother with American or European cars anymore, if you really want the best cars that money can buy, go Japanese.   


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