4 Terrific Tech Gifts For Your Teenage Son



Teenage boys can be hard to buy gifts for, but I always find the best idea is to go down the technology route. They all love cool tech things and gadgets, so here are a few ideas for great Christmas gifts they’ll enjoy:


A Fitness Tracker

This is one of my favorite gift ideas as you give your son something cool and tech-based, while also encouraging them to be a bit more active. These days, there are loads of fitness tracker bands or watches out there that are packed full of technology. Your son can wear them, and link the tracker to their phone, giving them updates on steps walked, calories burnt, heart rate – and so much more. It’s perfect if your son is already quite active as this can help them track their progress, but it’s brilliant if you want to try and get them out the house more, and just generally looking after their health.


A Pair Of Headphones

Headphones are always a great gift for your teenage boy. Mainly because there are many different ways they can use them, and they’re almost guaranteed to want a pair. You could pick them up a pair of high-quality headphones in a Black Friday sale before Christmas, meaning they get to listen to their favorite tunes in all their glory. Also, as you can see on this list from Headphones Addict, you can get gaming headphones as well. These would be perfect for your teen if they’re gaming obsessed and you’re sick of hearing the sounds from their PlayStation games at full volume throughout the night. There are two routes you can go down with this gift idea, pick whichever one you think your son will get the most use out of.


A TV Stick/Dongle

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then it’s probably because it’s hard to really come up with a term to group all these devices into a category. Basically, I’m talking about things like the Amazon Fire TV Stick or Google Chromecast. They’re essentially things you plug into a TV, and can then stream movies and shows on from a smartphone or other device. If your child has a TV in their room that’s not linked to the TV aerial, then this is a great gift to help them get more out of it!

Tablet Apple Modern Mac Screen Ipad Mobile White

Max Pixel

A Tablet

Tablets are great gifts because your son can use them in so many ways. With a tablet, they have something that’s more portable than a laptop and more convenient than a mobile phone. Combine it with a Bluetooth keyboard, and they can use it to write up all those study notes you know they’ll definitely be writing during the school year! Plus it serves as an entertainment device, and they can watch movies or TV shows using those cool headphones you bought them from gift idea number two! Yes, tablets can be expensive, but you might be able to snag a bargain during all the sales in the lead up to Christmas.


Naturally, we’re not made of money! So, one or two of these gifts will be enough to put a massive smile on the face of your teenage son this Christmas.

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