5 everyday things you own but didn’t know can make you money



5 everyday things you own but didn’t know can make you money


Finding ways to make money, outside of the traditional job sense, can be tricky. And while it’s difficult, our need for money sees us constantly pursuing new ways to secure additional income. The internet has, however, made it easier for people to make extra money through using or sharing the things they already own. Whether it’s an expensive dress or an empty room, you could be making extra cash from these things you already own. Here’s 6 things you probably own you didn’t know can make you money.




Be it because they were worn at a big event, no longer fit, or are maternity clothing, some dresses are often bought and never worn again. If you have pieces of clothing that fall into this category, they could be making you money. The Volte is an online marketplace where people can rent out anything from menswear to maternity dresses.


This peer-to-peer service is great for those designer dresses you’ve worn once and are now sitting in the back of your wardrobe, all but forgotten. This means you can start earning back the money you spent on that fancy dress.


A Car


Your neighbourhood is full of cars, some which are driven every day, others which are used only once a week, and some that are hardly touched at all. If your car spends most of its time in the driveway, it could be put to better use, making you money.


Car Next Door is much like The Volte, in that it’s a peer-to-peer marketplace, however instead of dresses, it’s a marketplace for cars. If you can find someone to rent your car and get it out of your driveway, you should also be able to use our next tip too.


A Driveway


So, you’ve got a driveway or a garage, and your car isn’t there because someone hired it on Car Next Door, so what do you do with all that space? In comes Parkhound. Parkhound is a site where you can list your driveway or garage and people will then pay you for the privilege of using it.


With so many cars on the road, it’s getting increasingly difficult to find a parking space, especially in central locations near train stations, CBD’s or where events are held. If you live in one of these locations, it’s likely someone will be looking for a consistently reliable parking space nearby.


Spare Space


If having someone park their car in your garage isn’t really your thing, you can still earn money from your spare space. Spacer is yet another peer-to-peer marketplace, but this one is for spare space in general. In our crowded cities, space is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity.


Whether it’s a shed, an empty room or even a secure yard, it’s likely someone needs some extra storage space. By listing your space on the site, you can earn money in an almost passive form.


Freelance skills


You might have them rather than owning them, but certain skills can be used to make you money. As with all of these things, the internet allows you to leverage your skills to make money. Freelancing is increasingly popular, especially among creative types. Many companies find it easier and cheaper to hire remote freelancers to complete projects, rather than employing full time, in house employees.


There’s a whole range of jobs appropriate for freelancing, the most popular of which include graphic design, content and copywriting, web development and video editing. You can also make and sell products online. To be a successful freelancer you must have a valuable skill, so finding it and building up an impressive portfolio is key.


With the seemingly endless expenses of our daily lives, money can be tight. Finding ways to increase our income can be difficult, but with a bit of creativity and leveraging the power of the internet, we can find ways to help pay the bills.


It’s likely you have a bunch of everyday things you already own which can make you money. With the popularity of the peer-to-peer industry, there’s more and more ways for ordinary people to start making money through side-hustles and gigs.


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