7 Accessories That Will Transform Your Home into a Relaxing Haven


7 Accessories That Will Transform Your Home into a Relaxing Haven

Everyone knows that maintaining a clean home goes a long way in keeping a person’s stress levels low. After all, no one wants to come back to a place that’s messy and untidy after a busy work day. Making a few smart changes can improve the atmosphere of any home. Imagine coming home and feeling immediately refreshed and less stressed all by adding a few accessories to your house. Below, we list down some items that can elevate your home from merely comforting to positively soothing:


  • Invest in a luxurious rug.


Not only does a plush rug help keep your feet from coming into contact with cold tile or wood, it also cancels noise. A rug can help keep sounds from echoing, preserving the tranquility of your household. Look for rugs made with soft fabrics such as mohair or sheepskin, which provide the luxurious feeling of other expensive fabrics and furs but won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


  • Let tranquility flow.


A small indoor fountain provides a steady, relaxing gurgle of flowing water that’s been shown to provide a calming effect. In addition, it also serves as a great conversation starter or focal piece. Tabletop fountains come in all shapes and sizes — as small or as large as your space can accommodate — and they can really elevate the décor in any home.


  • Use the power of scents.


Fresh-cut flowers are not only a soothing sight to behold, they also give off a lovely scent that can permeate the home and instantly lift a person’s mood. If caring for flowers seems too high-maintenance for you, consider looking into various scent diffusers or humidifiers. Look for specific models that efficiently distribute the aroma of essential oils throughout the rooms of your home. Scented candles can emit a warm glow and come in an endless variety of available scents. Choose the scents that you love, or change the scent of your home depending on the season or occasion.


  • Coordinate your colors.


Too much visual stimulation can give off a chaotic, discordant vibe. To avoid this, consider sticking to a couple of hues that complement each other for a visual effect that’s much more cohesive and easier on the eyes. Whether it is furniture, furniture coverings, accessories or even dishware, stick to solid, neutral hues and one accent color to make things pop. You can also opt to match your accessories to the paint on your walls to give off the impression of a united space that feels less cluttered.


  • Mind the shade.


Adding curtains and drapes is one way of making a space feel more intimate. You can use them to separate zones or enclose spaces, like a veranda that’s out on the open. Tailor your curtains accordingly; you’ll want something light that easily catches wind for outdoor areas, and heavy drapes for colder seasons to insulate and warm up a room and control the light coming through the windows.


  • Let the light in.


Studies have shown that light can also have an effect on a person’s mood. Those exposed to low levels of light can feel more fatigued and actually feel more pain than those who were exposed to adequate amounts of it. Let light in whenever possible by drawing your curtains back during the day, and rotate your drapes according to the demands of the season – light, semi-transparent fabrics are best for the warmer months while heavy drapes are best reserved for autumn and winter. Also, consider switching to adjustable indoor lights so that you can tailor your illumination exactly to your preferences, the time of day, etc.


  • Soften the spaces.


A surefire way of making a bed or couch look more comfortable or inviting is by adding more soft things to it – pillows, dividers, a comfortable throw or heavy covers. Buy beddings with soft, light colors for a more soothing effect that helps promote better sleep, but keep the space interesting by adding a pop of accent color. Make sure the pillows provide adequate support and aren’t flat. If you can, invest in sheets that have a high thread content for a softer feel every time you lay your head down.

Home is where the heart is, as the famed proverb goes. With just a few changes and additions, you can turn your house from a place of comfort to a haven of serenity — a place where your heart will always want to be.   


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