All The Features Are Cool, But Let Us Be Practical

Lavish features and large engines are great for those who have the extra money to invest into a vehicle.  For the rest of us, it is a goal to find the most cost-efficient vehicle without losing reliability.  This is where Ford introduces the Ford Fiesta providing a lower priced reliable vehicle costing less than $13,000 brand new.  The 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine will also keep your costs down with twenty-seven miles per gallon in the city and thirty-seven on the highway. 

So, what do we get for this low price of under thirteen thousand dollars.  For features, you get a connected radio with AM/FM/CD/MP3 that includes SYNC with Applink.  It plays through the six-speaker output system providing a good sound while you are driving around town.  Unlike some other budget cars, Ford includes power locks and stereo controls on the steering wheel.

For an additional reason that you might look at this vehicle is that the vehicle comes with a 36,000-mile bumper to bumper warranty and a 60,000-mile power train warranty.  You can spend a lot more money on a used car and still not get any form of a warranty in comparison.  This is where the reliability comes into play.  You are spending less money on repairs and if something does happen, you are completely covered for the first three years.

You are not losing out with safety when purchasing this vehicle either.  There are four air-bag systems to surround you in the event of an accident.  Standard is an AdvanceTrac electronic stability control, forward sensing system, and perimeter alarm. Also, there is a tire monitoring system to ensure that you are aware if any of your tires become underinflated.

If you would like more information on this 2017 Ford Fiesta S Sedan you can contact our friends over at Sheridan Ford and look at their online information.

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