Florist’s Tips on Buying Flowers for Your Valentine


Florist’s Tips on Buying Flowers for Your Valentine

Irrespective of what plans you might have made for celebrating Valentine’s Day, it is quite likely that you will be thinking of picking up some flowers for your lady love to set the tone for the day. Some tips on how to get it right:

Ordering the Bouquet

Unless you are an expert on flowers or you have a blog about flowers like lamouretfleurs which most people are definitely not and do not blog, one tip that virtually every florist will suggest is not to advice florists about how to do their job. Instead, approach your florist and tell them to conjure up the best possible bouquet within your budget. Of course, you are at liberty to inform them if your beloved has any particular penchant for any flower or color scheme but you should allow them to put their expertise to work and create a really romantic floral arrangement that will hit the right spot.

Explore Options beyond Red Roses

It is really not necessary for you to gift only red roses to your Valentine despite what the tradition is and what the majority of people will do. Many girls can become really bored with the annual ritual of receiving long-stalk red roses when there are so many other lovely flowers at hand that can spell out how much thought you have put into the flower selection. After all, every girl would like her guy to be unique. Try experimenting and impressing with love orchids or even Birds of Paradise. If you do feel compelled to give red roses, you could think of making it unique by forgetting the plastic wrap and instead give it in a lovely vase or even a hand-crafted ceramic vessel. Even if you’re gifting flowers to Philippines, you can work with your florist for practical solutions.

Be Softly Romantic, Not Brash

Yes, brightly colored flowers can look beautiful and really dramatic, however, even if you like such high-contrast blooms, you need to ask yourself if they don’t convey a certain brashness that is best to avoid on this very special day meant for love and romance. Drop the idea of buying bright orange, red or yellow gerbera daisies, and pay more attention to flowers in soft or pastel hues set off against lush green foliage that accentuates the romantic vibes.

Presentation Makes the Difference

Even though all flowers are considered romantic and guaranteed to sweep your girl off her feet, there’s nothing more impressive than presenting the flowers in a passionate way to get the right impact. If you think you would be a dud in performing the classic one-handed reveal after hiding the flowers behind your back, you should try and consult with your florist to decide on a really attractive presentation format like hand-painted or hand-crafted ceramic vases that will help to underline what you want – that you are really unique.


Take all the time you want to get your Valentine’s Day floral arrangement just right without worrying about timely delivery on the big day. All the reputed florists and online flower gifting stores have express services that will make flower gifting a seamless, quick, and pain-free exercise.

Author Bio: Marjorie Adams is the sales manager of a leading online florist that specializes in catering to customers gifting flowers to Philippines and other Asian countries.


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