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When most people consider the design of the inside and outside of their homes, they tend to do it separately. Indoors is the most prominent priority, of course, and once that is finished, you can focus a little more on creating a fantastic garden space.


But what if you did all your planning from inside and out at the same time? Connecting the indoor space to your garden space can have an incredible impact on the look and feel of the house, and it creates a beautiful flow that ties everything together.


It’s a lot easier than you might think to get started, too. We’re going to take a look at a few things you can do to connect your inside spaces to the outside today, and hopefully, give you a few ideas on how to create a harmonious link. Let’s get started right away.



Color schemes


OK, so first thing’s first – color schemes are essential. You will need to think about everything from your current flooring tones to your walls and even the hues of the wood used for your door and window frames. The idea here is to get a good match flowing from the inside to the outside. However, don’t view this as a straitjacket – there is room for some maneuvering. Just see it as a guide that will advise what type of stone you might use for a patio or wood that could be used for decking.


Break some walls


If you really want to focus on creating a nice flow between inside and out, glass will be your best friend. And if that means breaking down your garden-facing walls at the back of your home, so be it. Not only will it glass doors or bi-folds give you a better view of the garden, but it will also give you a lot more natural light flooding into the house. Worried about feeling chilly in the winter? If so, why not consider getting some wooden shutters? You can use these during the cold months and shift them to one side throughout the periods of heat and high temperatures in the summer.  



Create an indoors outside


Another option you should consider is getting in touch with your local deck builders or patio constructors. The idea here is to give yourself a surface that you can enjoy at any time of year, and you are effectively adding an extra room to the house. A good decking build or patio can be the perfect transition leading down to your lawn or flower beds – and go for a roof covered option if you want to be able to enjoy your outdoor space regardless of the weather.


Bring outside indoors


Merging the indoors and outdoors also requires you to bring some plant life inside. Don’t just choose any old plants, however – you want to choose varieties that mimic the colors that bloom in your garden. And don’t just rely on potted plants, either. You could use hanging ferns, or even creeping palm plants that grow up your walls towards a sunlight. In fact, looking vertically is probably the best thing you can do if you are a little short on space – not to mention being very ‘on trend’ at the moment. Need some help with getting the right kind of plants? Bamboo is evergreen and can even create some shaded areas, both indoors and on your decking or patio.


Use indoor furnishings


If you do decide to cover your decking or patio, you can be free to choose whatever furniture you like outside. As long as you ensure you get furniture with moisture and sun proof, you can get some incredibly comfortable furniture to relax in that aren’t made from the garden staples of plastic, cane, and iron. Couches, easy chairs, and plush cushions are all available in the right sort of materials and can create a wonderfully relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. You can even throw down a few rugs, and some chandeliers, or layer your furniture with a variety of different throws -just make sure you have a sealed storage box that you can place them in when the weather gets cold and wet.



Watch out for levels.


One of the trickiest aspects of getting that flow perfect is to remove as many physical barriers as possible from the inside to out – one of which is the flooring level. And drop down from your doors to the patio or decking will remove the impact so you might need to build up a reasonable amount. Don’t forget, the idea of connecting the inside and out means that the two different areas can function as one large space when you open out the doors. You won’t be able to do that quite so well when steps are necessary to travel from in to out and back again.


Fireplaces and pits


Of course, the whole idea of establishing a beautiful outdoor space is to enjoy it regardless of the weather. And on hot, balmy summer nights, you will be able to do so without any issue at all – but it’s a little different in the winter. The solution? Why not create a custom-built fire pit or open fireplace? It’s a wonderful feature that is great for keeping warm and entertaining during the winter, and nothing beats the crackling allure of wood burning when you are outside.




Lighting is just as critical in your outdoor space as it is on the inside of your home. It makes the whole area look a lot more enticing and welcoming, and is vital if you want to sit outside at any time of year. So, assuming you have a covering over your patio or decking, why not make good use of it? You can hang lamps or lanterns from the overhead roof, and even install spotlights on the floor or in the recesses of the standing beams. Look into downlighting, too – it gives you a  really gentle light that is perfect for sitting outside and relaxing of an evening.


Do you have any more ideas to improve the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces? Share your tips and hints in the comments!

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