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When you’re thinking about getting a car, what do you consider? If you’re a parent, you probably think about safety features, recent tech developments and perhaps even levels of comfort. But did you ever think about getting a car based on the producer that made it? Volvo, Audi, Mercedes, Nissan, Mitsubishi and the list goes on. Each car producer has a different agenda on the table when they are making their cars and preparing them for the market.

Some of these agendas might be interesting for parents. In fact, many of them are pushing standards to ensure new levels of safety on the road, and that is certainly going to be a top priority for parents. They, understandably, want to make sure that when they get out on the road, they’re not taking any risks with the kid sitting in the back seat. Speaking of which, do make sure you know how early kids can sit in the front seat on


So, let’s look at some of the advances of the best car producers and see what they are doing to make lives better for parents.


We’ll start with Volvo who has made a bold pledge for the future of road safety.


Volvo’s Aim

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Volvo is certainly aiming in the right direction for parents who want safer cars on the road. In face, as early as 2007, Volvo pledged to have zero serious injuries and fatalities in Volvo cars by 2020. It’s worth pointing out that this was a pledge made when autonomous cars were at their infancy. We’re going to get back to autonomous cars because that’s not the only issue that made the car company connect to this pledge. There were others.


For instance, Volvo have been working hard to ensure that the design of their vehicles is suitable for minimum damage of an impact during a crash. If you visit today you’ll see the type of cars we’re talking about. The idea behind the latest designs are for the front of the car to take the majority of the damage and force from the impact, thus protected the drivers and the passengers in the rest of the car.


The focus on autonomous tech though has certainly where the media attention has been on Volvo’s aim to eliminate road accidents. It’s had promising results too. In fact, Volvo’s car tech for self-driving vehicles are said to be some of the most advanced in development right now. When will you be able to get your hands on it? Next year is expected to see the roll out of a number of autonomous cars including Volvo’s creation. Interested in autonomous cars? has a great list on some of the best currently on the market.


What about that pledge though? Do Volvo still think they will make the target? Parents will be pleased to hear that when last interviewed the head of the company was just as determined as ever to make this pledge a reality. He did however seemingly hint that the schedule might need to be pushed back slightly in favour of realism. This is understandable as autonomous tech is arguably key to this aim. Unfortunately, the tech we’re talking about is still in its infancy stages. Although, that’s not to say that some developers aren’t taking great strides in making sure it is safe for road us


Tesla – The Auto Pioneer

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Tesla are often seen as the pioneer for autonomous car tech for a good reason. They were one of the first to get the tech on the market with their autopilot system, now used in many of their cars on the road today. However, one of the important aspects to note about Tesla is that they are aware of the issues with the tech.


You might have heard a news story with drivers campaigning for Tesla to remove the speed restrictions on their vehicles, which Tesla did not do. They understand that while this tech will benefit drivers, it is currently only safe at certain speeds and as well as this, the system will not go over the recommended speed limit. As such, it’s certainly a safer drive to work and school in the morning, even if you are just the passenger.


As well as this, many of Tesla’s cars have sensors on the steering wheel. If the hands are removed from the steering wheel, the car will shut down after coming to a complete halt. Once again, some users of the tech wanted this feature removed and once again, Tesla refused. In fact, on their website, they state that users of the tech should keep their hands on the wheel at all time, showing a serious level of commitment to safety even when the car is driving itself.


Leaf Out The Fuel Costs Nissan

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Of course, for parents it’s not all about safety and many parents will be looking for the cheapest car to run. The good news is that some car producers are great at living up to the demand here. You probably think that Tesla is at the head of the race here too, but you’d be surprised. Reports reveal that it’s actually Nissan who are leading the charge. Nissan has provided the market with the cheapest car to run on the road, and it should come as no shock that it’s an electrically powered vehicle.


We are of course talking about the Nissan leaf. It’s a great car for families and one that is sure to be a hit if you’re tired of the gas bills per month for your vehicle going through the roof. In fact, with a Nissan Leaf, you’ll be able to power your car for a budget shattering $561. That’s not per month either, that’s annual. This is an astounding save and one that parents are no doubt going to want to take advantage of.


Of course, before you head off to your nearest car dealership, it’s worth pointing out that the car comes with a price tag of thirty-two thousand. So, you’ll have to decide whether this is worth the cost of spending a lot less of fuel. Essentially, you’ll be spending more now to save in the long term. This could be beneficial, depending on how long you are planning on keeping the car.


Honda Saving You Money

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Perhaps you are more interested in a car that gives you the best bang for your buck. If that’s the case, then you might want to check out Hondas offerings. SUVs are quite popular with families and parents in particular, due to the level of space that they offer and yes, safety features. Unfortunately, cars like this often come with a hefty price tag. But that’s not the case with the 2017 model offered by Honda. The Honda CR-V is a brilliant vehicle for parents with all the features that you could want at a price tag that you will be able to afford. It has advanced safety tech and did we mention that it is a fantastic little fuel saver?


As such, you’d be hardpressed to find a better SUV on the market, particularly with this one costing $24,000 for the typical, standard vehicle.


Of course, Honda isn’t the only producer providing great value for money to car buyers. If you’re looking for less budget busting and more luxury at a reasonable price, you should definitely think about checking out the latest offering from Lexus. The Lexus NX is awesome with a number of cool features that are sure to make car lovers drool. Though perhaps the best selling point for this vehicle is the interior which is completely love and perfect for picking the kids up from school after a long day. You can learn more about this car on


Safety First For BMW

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You might think that when you pay more for a car, you’re not paying for added safety. The best safety money can be is a given for any car being sold on the market right? Wrong, because in actual fact you do get better safety features if you pay more.


For instance, you can think about buying a BMW. The latest BMW 5 series has astounding safety features that parents will love. On NCAP scores the 5 series has a 91 percent for adults and 85 percent for kids. That lower rating for kids is always to be expected because of kids, unfortunately, are just more vulnerable in vehicles. If you want to give them the ultimate level of protection though you can’t go too far wrong with a BMW. Of course, this is going to be expensive, but it might be worth it to ensure that you are taking care of the safety issue with the car and your kids.


As you can see then, it is worth it for parents keeping an eye on developments of particular car makers and producers. Some are looking for incredible often innovative ways to add more safety features to their vehicles. Others are focused on providing the best value for money, and many more are interested in keeping fuel costs low. If you know what you want from your next family vehicle, you can use the commitments of these car producers to choose the right vehicle for you and your home.


We hope you find this information useful when picking the right car for your family.


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